2019 International LT Problems That You May Not Be Aware Of

There are quite a few 2019 International LT problems that some owners complain about.

This is also the reason why in the past, recalls of International trucks have been issued by Navistar.

If you are looking to buy this truck and unsure if this is the right choice for you, it may help to find out what you can expect from it – and if it is worth your time and money. 

Let’s get started.

2019 international lt problems

What Are 2019 International LT Problems

In recent years, Navistar has issued a recall of thousands of International trucks. According to the company, this recall was made because of some issues linked with the engine stalling.

As an example, the 2019 up to 2021 models of the International LT, as well as the RH trucks have been recalled. Over 10,000 of these trucks were noted to have some problems with the engine. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a report that the wrist pin located in the engine has a tendency to crack over time. This can result in the connecting rod failing, which can increase the possibility of a crash.

Because of this huge safety risk, Navistar recalled these trucks to prevent serious safety issues. Dealers were also required to install in their fleet a detection system software that helps to warn drivers before an engine connecting rod failure occurs. Moreover, engines that are proven to possess a defective connecting rod are going to be repaired.

Furthermore, there was another recall made in early 2020 by Navistar. This involves International LT and RH trucks with the model year from 2018 to 2020. Affected owners of these trucks were notified, so this can help facilitate the inspection and any repairs needed to the problematic components linked with safety concerns.

Common Issues With the 2019 International LT Trucks

2019 international lt problems

Generally, the 2019 International LT truck is reliable and with a robust engine. However, there were some complaints about this truck such as wiring failures and electrical problems. There were also a few concerns with the high pressure oil lines and transmission issues. 

Moreover, the increased concerns with pumps failing and leaking, poor service records and camshaft malfunction are added to the list of common issues with the truck. 

There are also some other common repair issues regardless of the size of the truck by International. This is why it can be quite costly to maintain and ensure the performance of the vehicle over time. 

Generally, wiring and electrical failures originate in various areas including the fuel and cab control systems and emissions. When these problems arise, the trucks are rendered inoperable unless the issues are resolved first.

When there is a high pressure in the oil system, this can lead to injector failures, which also result in engine-related problems. To add to all of these, there are poor service records from International truck dealers, which does not help the situation. Hence, vehicle downtime becomes prolonged and there are complex repair processes involved along the way.

Other Concerns With The 2019 International LT

Aside from the issues mentioned above, there were a few other complaints with this truck. For instance, the doors tend to unlock when the air brakes are pulled. Some people also get confused about the auto climate function and how to operate it. This system appears to be temperamental and some would manually adjust it, only to find that it goes back to failing to cool down or heat up the interior of the vehicle. 

However, one thing you can look into is by programming out the door locking function. It can also help to ask a specialist for the adjustment needed in the HVAC function since it does get quite confusing for many folks.

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Bottom Line

Problems with the International LT often start with the battery cable, which can break. When this happens, a loss of electrical power and engine shut down occur. It is due to the cable not being capable of withstanding the stress placed by the truck’s movement. Moreover, it is a design error that makes it happen.

Once the truck experiences a power loss, this can lead to a safety hazard because of a potential crash. This is why several thousands of International LT trucks have been recalled, including the 2019 model year to have this issue looked into and fixed. 

Dealers are tasked to replace this problematic battery cable with a sturdier and more flexible material, so it will not break while the truck is in motion. Hence, this should prevent potential issues that can lead to major inconveniences and accidents.

4 thoughts on “2019 International LT Problems That You May Not Be Aware Of”

  1. I’ve been having problems with this 2019 international since I got it within the first couple of months the sensor came on and wouldn’t let me run over 5 mph I had to be towed to a shop $800 tow bill and $1,700 in the shop for them to reset something that they said was under warranty and I was still out over $2,500 had to rent a car and come home and now it won’t start and I’ve got to have it towed to the shop again $500 tow bill I’ve had it for one year it had $380,000 miles on it when I got it now it’s got 490 I just put a little over a hundred thousand on it in a year put batteries on it twice and it still won’t start it wouldn’t start the day I bought it had to jump it off and go put a new batteries on it at the very beginning I put it in the shop to have some body work done sit there for 2 weeks they’ve done nothing I went and got it the other day I had to jump it off again and go put new batteries on it again Drove it home it set for a couple days and I hadn’t been able to start it now I got to have it towed back to the shop to see what’s going on with that I hope international is going to pay for this. I would appreciate you letting me know that you are, thanks a lot.

    • Hi Danny,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having so many problems with your 2019 International. It’s important to keep records of all repairs and communications with the dealership or manufacturer. If you have a warranty or any kind of service agreement, make sure to review it carefully and follow the appropriate steps to request repairs and reimbursements. I wish you the best of luck with resolving these issues.

  2. I was on my way to buy a 2019 lt myself now I am having 2nd thoughts I am glad I looked at this thread I will be pulling my application from international immediately..

    • Hi Luis,

      If you have specific concerns about the 2019 LT model or if you’ve seen a thread or discussion that raises red flags, consider reaching out to other owners, consulting with automotive forums, and seeking the advice of experienced mechanics or professionals. They might provide valuable insights into common issues, the reliability of the vehicle, and how well it meets your needs.

      Ultimately, your decision should be based on a comprehensive assessment of your priorities, budget, and the specific condition of the vehicle you’re considering. If possible, getting a pre-purchase inspection by a trusted mechanic can help you identify any potential issues before finalizing the purchase.

      Remember that vehicles can be complex, and issues can arise even in well-regarded models. The key is to be informed and make a decision that aligns with your preferences and priorities.


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