Why Is Swift Trucking So Bad? What You Never Knew!

So here’s a question we have heard a lot from people – why is Swift trucking so bad?

Maybe you have heard so many things about Swift Trucking, and as a truck driver, you want to make sure you only work with the right company. 

Well, there are good and bad companies – and sadly, so many issues have been raised by employees at Swift trucking, as well as customers. This is why we lay down the essential details on what’s wrong with this company, so you can be well-informed.

why is swift trucking so bad

Why Is Swift Trucking So Bad?

Swift Transportation is a well-known transportation company in the United States that has established itself over many years.

However, there have been concerns raised by some individuals regarding their level of satisfaction with the company. One of the primary issues is the perceived lack of experience among their drivers, which can potentially compromise road safety.

The reasons behind the negative reputation of Swift Transportation are extensive. Firstly, the company has been criticized for providing low wages to their employees, which can lead to a lower quality of drivers. 

Additionally, their drivers have been reported to disregard traffic signs and rules, displaying a lack of knowledge and adherence to proper driving protocols. Their ability to handle varying weather conditions and interact with other road users has also been called into question. Furthermore, there have been complaints about their drivers’ poor communication skills, creating a disconnect between them and the public. The noise generated by their fleets has been a source of annoyance for residents in nearby areas.

Swift Transportation originated in the 1960s when Carl Moyes and Jerry Godell founded the company with just one truck. At that time, the company had four customers, including Swift Fresh Meat Company, Marathon Steel, and the American Fence Company. 

At the inception of their business, their key objective has been to provide valuable transportation services to their customers and establish a high level of trust.

With a continuous focus on growth and profitability, Swift Transportation strives to meet the diverse transportation needs of its customers. They offer a range of transportation options, catering to various materials and distances. For dry materials such as cloth and furniture, they utilize dry vans to protect the cargo from moisture and water damage. 

Refrigerated transportation services are available for perishable food items and non-perishable commodities with limited shelf life. Additionally, they have flatbeds for heavy hauls and provide logistics and intermodal services to meet the evolving demands of their clientele.

While their intentions and visions were notable, there are some problems raised by customers regarding Swift trucking. Numerous people express frustration and annoyance with their fleets, making them reluctant to share the road with these vehicles.

One prominent issue lies in the poor communication skills displayed by the company’s drivers. Insufficient education and limited speaking abilities create a significant communication barrier that negatively impacts their business. 

Consequently, their employees struggle to effectively engage with customers and attract new clients. This deficiency in communication skills also leads to people avoiding interactions with their drivers while on the road. The challenges become even more pronounced when hiring drivers from non-native English-speaking countries, as the language barrier further hampers effective communication. Native drivers, on the other hand, possess the advantage of fluent English-speaking skills and the confidence to engage with customers.

Another area of concern revolves around the drivers’ lack of experience. The competence and experience of drivers play a crucial role in the transportation of various materials from one location to another. 

Timely delivery of orders heavily relies on the expertise of drivers who can navigate through busy roads and execute necessary overtaking maneuvers during emergencies. Moreover, handling the loading process of heavy hauls requires a considerable amount of experience and expertise due to its time-consuming nature.

It is evident that addressing these issues and ensuring the presence of highly skilled, experienced, and effective communicators within the company’s workforce is crucial for improving their overall performance and customer satisfaction.

Safety Issues To Consider

Swift trucking has gained an overwhelmingly negative reputation on the roads, causing people to actively avoid driving alongside their trucks.

One of the key concerns lies in the drivers’ lack of concentration while operating their fleets, leading to an increased risk of accidents. Distraction, particularly from phone usage while driving, is a significant issue that compromises their ability to focus on the road.

Additionally, the handling of flatbeds and heavy hauls requires meticulous effort and undivided attention, as maneuvering and turning these vehicles can prove challenging. Engaging in phone usage while driving becomes even more risky when operating larger flatbeds, increasing the risk of accidents.

Another pressing issue is their drivers’ disregard for road signs. Failing to adhere to traffic regulations and neglecting to stop at designated areas with traffic signals not only displays a lack of responsibility but also increases the chances of collisions between their heavy fleets and other vehicles. Furthermore, this disregard for traffic signs puts pedestrians’ lives at risk, undermining their sense of safety when encountering the company’s trucks and tractors.

In addition, the company’s drivers exhibit poor handling of weather conditions, which is especially crucial when transporting materials across different states. Long-haul journeys often span multiple days, and experienced drivers are necessary to navigate through various weather conditions effectively. 

Driving at excessive speeds while hauling heavy materials poses a significant danger. Maintaining a reasonable and controlled speed is essential to prevent accidents, as high-speed movement with substantial loads increases the distance required for braking. Failing to anticipate and respond promptly to emergency situations with other vehicles on the road highlights the drivers’ lack of knowledge in dealing with such circumstances.

It is evident that addressing these concerns, such as promoting better driver attentiveness, emphasizing adherence to road signs and regulations, improving handling in various weather conditions, and encouraging responsible driving speeds, is imperative to enhance the company’s reputation and ensure the safety of both drivers and the general public.

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Bottom Line

The Swift Trucking company has made a name for itself throughout the years it was in business. Unfortunately, there were so many complaints about this company, which is why it is not surprising that Swift Trucking is no longer in business. We hope this post shed some light on Swift trucking and what customers and employees honestly feel about this business.

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