Why Is My Check Engine Light On In My Hyundai Sonata

So you’re driving along and simply enjoying the ride when suddenly your check engine light comes on. What gives?

And this is a question many people have asked me – “Why is my check engine light on in my Hyundai Sonata?”

It can be an annoying and even worrisome situation since the last thing you want is to have some complications while trying to get to your destination.

Is this a really tough thing to fix? Should you be concerned when this light turns on all of a sudden?

Keep reading to learn more about this issue with Hyundai Sonata’s check engine light turning on – why it happens and how to fix it.

why is my check engine light on in my hyundai sonata

Hyundai Sonata Problem – Check Engine Light Turns On

First of all, it does not always mean there’s something seriously wrong with your vehicle. However, it does depict an issue that needs to be addressed.

There are quite a few reasons why the check engine light turns on. For instance, your gas cap may be loose. Hence, this triggers a warning signal in your car.

Also, there is the possibility of a failure in your internal engine parts and components.

In some cases, the powertrain, or components such as the transmission and engine might be malfunctioning. This is why tailpipe emissions may occur and lead to that check engine light turning on.

When there is a misfire in the internal engine problem, hydrocarbon emissions increase. Thus, the light comes on all of a sudden.

But with so many potential reasons behind the check engine light turning on, it only makes sense to have proper diagnostic work done by a specialist to your vehicle.

Is The Check Engine Light Steady Or Flashing?

Now, this is another thing to take note of when you notice the light comes on. If it’s solid or flashing, this could mean something is wrong.

When it is a flashing light, then attention is most certainly required. You need to seek professional assistance to get the issue remedied ASAP. The problem is bound to get worse if you delay work on the car.

However, if the light is solid red and not merely orange or yellow, then the issue needs some urgent repair work. It can be detrimental to your engine while at the same time becoming a safety risk to you.

So, to prevent more expensive work, it is best to head over to a mechanic whether you see a solid or a flashing check engine light.

Why Your Check Engine Light Turns On

why your check engine light turns on

Earlier, we touched on possible reasons behind this check engine light turning on. Let’s look further on more reasons why this happens:

1. Transmission

The transmission is responsible for manipulating engine power while transferring this to drive the wheels. Hence, if your vehicle’s control module detects an issue with the transmission, the check engine light will turn on while at the same time increasing tailpipe emissions.

2. Issues With Sensors And Modules

Next up, your powertrains are governed by various modules and sensors. These modules also need to be in perfect condition otherwise issues with these, as well as network and wiring concerns can cause the check engine light to start blinking.

3. Engine

Naturally, when there’s a problem with the engine, it’s always expected for the check engine light to turn on. Sensors monitor the engine operation, which is why when a problem exists, you’ll notice the check engine light starts to flash.

4. Ignition

Your vehicle’s ignition system includes various components such as the coil packs and spark plugs, to name a few. The control module is also responsible for monitoring the ignition system’s operation. So, when there’s an issue, the check engine light turns on.

5. Other Reasons

In addition to these issues, other things may trigger that check engine light to turn on. These include problems with the air and fuel delivery and issues with the emissions equipment. However, you do not be concerned about low oil level triggering this light switching on, since it’s hardly ever the cause.

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Next Steps: What You Need To Do

When you notice your check engine light in your Hyundai Sonata flashing, then you should pay attention to the vehicle’s performance. Do you notice any problem with your driving? Is it still smooth or rough? Are there strange sounds, as well?

If everything appears to be relatively normal except for the light, then you can continue driving. But be cautious as you do so, since you need to get your vehicle at a safe place and have it checked by a mechanic as soon as possible. Otherwise, further damage may occur, which can be a lengthy and expensive fix.

You can, however, get off and check the gas cap. Perhaps it is a little loose and a simple tightening may solve the problem. Yet, if the issue persists, get your Hyundai serviced by an expert to get this issue resolved once and for all.

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