Why Is My Air Recirculation Button Blinking? Possible Causes And Solutions

You may be asking yourself – Why is my air recirculation button blinking?

This is an issue that some people also encounter with their vehicle. When functioning normally, the recirculation shuts off, which prevents stale air from getting into your cabin. The maximum setting of the AC also closes the fresh air intake, and it uses recirculated air.

There are many reasons to use the air recirculation button, yet what if you notice that this button is blinking? If this is something that you experience, keep reading to have a better understanding of how to deal with it. Let’s get started.

why is my air recirculation button blinking

Why Is My Air Recirculation Button Blinking?

First of all, let us start by having a clearer understanding of your air recirculation mode. 

Now, you need to use this mode in certain situations. For instance, you may want to cool your hot car down quickly. In this case, you can turn the recirculation mode on, which assists your AC system in working in a more efficient manner. This will help with cooling your car down as hot outside air is prevented from getting into the unit.

Moreover, the recirculation mode is also essential for keeping unpleasant odors away. So, you can keep the inside of your vehicle fresh and void of any malodors from the outside.

The recirculation button works with heat. It is, in fact, primarily used during the summer. As we have mentioned earlier, it helps with cooling your vehicle whenever your AC unit is turned on. 

If you no longer need to have your car recirculation mode running, then you simply turn it off. This is done by pressing your defrost button. Then, it turns the air compressor off and it will also send more air onto your windscreen. This helps to clear the condensation happening in your vehicle. Furthermore, the AC should function much like how it does at home.

Your recirculation button helps you save gas in some regard. For instance if you keep this function in during winter, you should be able to reduce fuel costs when you have it turned off. This is because you are allowing cool air to get into the cabin of your vehicle. As a result, you can use your AC system less.

Now, in winter, you may also want to have some fresh air in your vehicle. You can do this by allowing air to enter through your vents. Thus, your windows should be able to defrost at a quicker rate. With your recirculation button turned on, this will ensure more humidity in the interior of your car. Hence, this causes the windows to be fogged up. 

Recirculating air does not exactly use up more gas. In fact, vehicles are naturally more fuel-efficient whenever you have your AC set in such a way that it is recirculating your interior air. It is due to the fact that the same air is able to cool more quickly without requiring more energy, as compared to cooling warm outside air continuously. Most importantly, when you turn your AC off, this ultimately helps you to save more fuel.

Now, if you notice that your air recirculation button keeps blinking, you need to check if you are not in the defrost or defog mode. 

Basically, recirculation is possible in the vent or bi-level modes. When you select recirculation in either the floor/defog or floor/ heat, or even the defrost mode, you should notice the LED light will flash thrice. This means that the recirculation function is not possible in the particular mode. 

Recirculation is typically denied in the defog and the defrost mode since the external air is less humid in comparison to your cabin air, which is the case when you want to clean your window of any fog. You also want to direct warm and dry air to the glass, and if you don’t do it, the humid interior air will condense on your glass and cause a fog – reducing your visibility.

In this case, you may also want to have the recirculation mode checked for errors that can be causing the blinking.

Additional Facts About The Air Recirculation Button

Your air recirculation button helps it prevent external air from getting inside your vehicle. As the name implies, it simply recirculates air in your car. Whenever you want to boost the AC to cool your cabin quickly, you can count on the recirculation mode for this purpose.

Or, if there are exhaust fumes outside as you drive into the city, you may also want to use the recirculation mode. The same holds true when you want to minimize pollen as you drive or to prevent strong odor from the outside.

Wtih the air recirculation button, you can be sure that the AC is working at the best level possible, which means your car gets cooler quickly and more efficiently. You can even minimize fuel consumption as it helps to support the function of the AC system.

It is best to use the air recirculation button during the summer and when the weather is hot and humid. Just turn the AC and the air recirculation button on to make sure you have your AC kicking in well. If you fail to press the air recirculation button on, then your AC is switched on, the latter will work so hard and cause more stress to the air compressor and blower. 

So, it is best to have the air recirculation button switched on to support the function of your AC and prevent premature wear and tear to other vital parts.

But during the winter, it is best to just turn the air recirculation button off. There are not a lot of benefits to keeping it on in the winter. 

Do keep in mind that the air recirculation button tends to trap the humidity in your vehicle. This leads to foggy and misty windscreen, which is more common when the weather is wet and the air outside is cold. You may also notice that the interior gets a bit stuffy, especially with a vehicle loaded with many passengers.

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When your air recirculation button is blinking, so many factors come into play. There may be some errors causing this issue, which is why it is best to have it checked by a specialist. By having the problem resolved, you can have a better understanding of how it works and prevent issues that can ensure a more comfortable ride each time.

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