Why Does My Dual Exhaust Only Smoke On One Side?

Some people ask me – “Why does my dual exhaust only smoke on one side?”

If you are one of those individuals who experience this issue, you are not alone. There are many reasons why this happens, and we investigate the causes behind this problem.

Have a look at why you have only one side of the exhaust working while the other one fails. Let’s dive right into it.

why does my dual exhaust only smoke on one side

Why Does My Dual Exhaust Only Smoke On One Side

There is a saying that what’s in must eventually go out.

This is true with your engine – as it sucks in fuel and air, the used one must be eliminated. This is why you have an exhaust in your vehicle.

There are also four actions that your vehicle performs – intake, compression, followed by combustion and ending with exhaust. When fuel and air are taken into the engine, compression of the mixture happens in the piston. Then, your spark plugs fires up and creates an explosion or combustion in the cylinder.

And of course, this ends with the exhaust coming out.

Now, not all of the air and fuel are used. There is a leftover to it, and this exits out of your engine to create a new wave of the process to happen. The exhaust is the leftover gas, and in some cases, only one side of your dual exhaust lets the smoke out.

If you have a single exhaust system, then the vehicle has one or a couple exhaust systems. In the case of a 4-cylinder vehicle, the exhaust manifold is only one. But with a larger engine, two exhaust manifolds are present.

Thus, the two-manifold vehicle will have dual exhaust tips yet with only a single exhaust. With a dual exhaust, however, there is an H pipe located before your converters. This helps to control back pressure while boosting horsepower.

And unfortunately, in some cases, only one side lets the smoke out. Otherwise, it would offer a more efficient way to provide the next exchange of air and fuel mixture.

With more exhaust going out, the more can be sucked in, which also improves the horsepower. Hence, it is not just for the aesthetics but for the entire functionality and performance of the vehicle.

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What To Do With Dual Exhaust System Issue

If you encounter an issue with your dual exhaust system, as it only emits smoke on one side instead of both, then it is possible that deterioration is taking place. It could be that there is an internal corrosion going on due to the acidic moisture present.

This moisture is quite destructive to your engine and exhaust system. Hence, it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Additionally, there are environmental factors to consider such as road and weather issues. When there are chemicals or salt on the road that impact the exhaust system, external corrosion happens, causing the system to fail.

With all these things in mind, it is important to get your exhaust system checked if smoke only comes out on one side. Then, you can ensure a more efficient exchange of air and fuel while at the same time maintaining the right horsepower and overall performance of your vehicle.

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