Volvo V70 Information Display Not Working – What To Do

So you have a problem with your Volvo V70 information display not working?

That can be concerning since your dashboard gauges help you determine the current condition of your vehicle while you drive.

Things such as the rate speed, health and state of the engine, as well as a quick notification whether you have your headlights turned on or not.

Also called the instrument panel or cluster, the information display may start to fail over time.

Today, we’ll explore the different reasons behind an information display not working and what you can do about it. Let’s get started.

volvo v70 information display not working

Causes Why Volvo V70 Information Display Not Working

Sometimes, it is not the entire information display that may not be working. It could be any of the following situations:

  • All gauges are not working
  • The gauges are erratic
  • An individual gauge is faulty

Now, to address any of these issues, you need to identify the problem. Sometimes, if one gauge is not functioning, it may be an issue with the gauge or a bad sensor. All of the other gauges may also cut out at the same time, and this means that the instrument cluster is defective.

Either that, or there is a blown fuse.

If none of your gauges are functioning, it is most definitely a case of the bad fuse or the instrument cluster is defective.

But if the reading is erratic or low, it means that you have a problem with the voltage regulator since this component feeds this component.

If your gauges are pegged at the maximum reading possible, this could be caused by a wiring issue or a voltage regulator.

It is also possible that you have the gas, charge, coolant, and oil pressure gauge malfunctioning or working erratically. Then, it is an issue with the sender, wiring, or the gauge.

Do keep in mind that speedometers are basically unique and some use physical cables instead of a sensor. Hence, a broken cable can easily cause the speedometer to fail.

But if none of the gauges are working at all, then it could be a wiring or fuse issue. You need to first determine the fuse linked with your information display or the gauge in question, so you can address it correctly.

Ideally, you need to have power on both of the fuse’s sides when you turn the ignition key on. A way to check this is by using a multimeter or test light. You can also simply take your vehicle to a mechanic if you don’t have these tools.

Now, if the fuse appears to be fine, you can have the mechanic check each gauge for power. This would mean removing your information display. It is a time-consuming and challenging task that you may want to leave to a specialist.

It is possible that you may need to take out trim pieces, as well as unscrew your cluster to pull it out freely. This may be almost as tricky as installing a brand new car radio, which you may only want to work on when you are confident about this job.

Dash Lights Not Working

If you have observed that in addition to the instrument cluster not working, as well as the indicators and dash lights not illuminating, then it is likely to be a ground problem. This is only a diagnosis to be made when you have inspected the gauge fuse and made sure everything is working fine.

When you have an information display that is not grounded properly, you may notice the dash lights and gauges are not working right or it is only functioning intermittently. You should test the ground by checking under your dashboard with a flashlight. But in most instances, you will need to take the information display out to do this.

Pegged Needles or Erratic Functioning Of The Gauges

If you have the gauges moving erratically, thus giving you inaccurate readings, then the issue is with a bad ground or a faulty instrument voltage regulator.

You may need to clean your connector terminals and reinstall or remove your regulator and reinstall this piece. The wires may be loose or have corroded, which is why the performance is erratic.

One Gauge Not Working

If you have only one gauge that is malfunctioning, then the issue could be with the wiring, sending unit, or the gauge. You may want to diagnose the issue yourself by removing your sensors and sending units, or you can take your car to the mechanic to have this issue checked.

But if your gauge is moving as it should, it may mean that the sending unit has gone bad. If the gauge fails to move after grounding out your sensor wire, then the gauge is the issue. You can also perform tests to all your gauges in the information display to determine the culprit and the correct course of action to take.

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When you have all of the gauges and your entire information display is not working in your Volvo V70, you can blame this on a number of reasons such as a blown fuse, faulty gauge, bad sending unit, or wiring problems.

It is all a matter of checking all possible components that may be contributing to this issue, and then eliminating which one is responsible for the problem. You may easily do the diagnosis yourself using the right tool, but if you are uncomfortable working with it, you can always take your car to the mechanic to have it fixed up.

No matter which route you take, it is best to get a faulty information display in your vehicle working. This way, you can be aware of the status of your engine and all the relevant parts in your vehicle that impact your safety and peace of mind while on the road.

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