Volvo Truck Power Outlet Not Working? Here’s What To Do

I’ve had a few people ask me what to do with a Volvo truck power outlet not working.

This happens in some instances, and when the outlet DOES fail, this can be an inconvenient situation for most drivers.

You need your cigarette lighter socket to plug in your phone charger, USB devices, or anything while driving.

So it helps to get this problem resolved, even if it is not a big deal for most people. Let’s talk more about these common problems why the power outlet malfunctions and what can be done about it.

volvo truck power outlet not working

Volvo Truck Power Outlet Not Working

When you notice that the power outlet in your Volvo truck is not working, here are the possible reasons behind this issue:

1. Obstructions

Quite often, obstructions in the socket are the most common culprit when the power outlet fails. If the socket is vertically installed into your vehicle’s center console, then it is typical for small items to get lodged inside the socket and become stuck.

In the case of obstructions that are non-conductive by nature, this may prevent your charger from making contact. Even worse, the circuit may get damaged due to conductive objects including coins and other metal objects.

2. Blown Power Outlet

Another reason why the power outlet is not working is a blown cigarette lighter socket. When this happens, there is zero power to the socket. It may be a wiring issue, or the fuse is completely blown.

3. Bad Chargers

Before you suspect that it is indeed the power outlet with an issue, you may want to confirm if it is not a problem with the charger. Perhaps your charger is defective, which is why it is not charging up your devices even when plugged into the outlet.

How To Fix Volvo Truck Power Outlet That’s Not Working

Now that you know the common reasons why the power outlet of your Volvo truck is not working, here are some things you can do to get it back to normal.

1. Check for obstructions.

As we have mentioned earlier, this power outlet failure may be due to an obstruction or stuck object in the socket. So, you should fish it out when you have seen that it’s causing the problem. Just be sure to remove these carefully, especially if the item is conductive. Use tweezers or any pointed object to get it out.

2. Test the socket.

If you have removed any stuck item in the socket, yet the outlet is still not working, then you may want to test it for power and ground. You need a voltmeter to do this, and it should help you to determine if the outlet has power.

In case you have noticed there is no power, then observe the fuses and test these. When there is still no ground or power, make sure the connections plugged into the outlet are tight and secure.

3. Try another charger.

Sometimes, the outlet is not the one that’s malfunctioning but the charger you’re plugging into it. So, you may want to use a different charger just to rule out power outlet problems. If the charger does not work on other outlets, then it could be the former tha is the issue.

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Dealing With A Blown Fuse

It is possible that a blown fuse is the reason why your power outlet fails. This Is why you need to address this problem as carefully as you can to prevent further issues from arising.

If there is a conductive object in the socket, and you accidentally plugged your device into the outlet, then the fuse is most certainly blown. That means it is the end of your outlet. But if you did not do this, then it could simply be a short.

Additionally, your outlet is fused at either 10A or 15 A. If the inverter is not designed specifically to meet the current needs under this level, then the fuse may get blown when you plug in any electronics.

Thus, you would need to replace your outlet and observe what happens. If it immediately blows, there’s most certainly a short in the circuit. If the fuse blows after plugging the cigarette lighter in, then that’s the culprit.

Or, if everything seems normal, yet the fuse blows after plugging in your inverter, then that’s the cause of the problem.

Final Thoughts

A Volvo truck power outlet not working can be due to a number of factors. If you are experiencing this problem, it is best to look into the different causes and address the problem based on what the reason behind the issue is. Whether it is a blown fuse, short in the circuit, or other problems, make sure that you handle these carefully to prevent safety risks.

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