Volvo Maintenance Cost You Need To Know

Knowing the average Volvo maintenance cost can help you to set and prepare for your budget.

Are Volvos expensive to maintain? Well, as with any luxury car, it can be quite pricey, for sure.

The cost of maintaining your Volvo also depends on the model since some may cost more than others. Let’s find out more about the different price ranges when it comes to maintaining your Volvo and other important details to take note of.

volvo maintenance cost

Volvo Maintenance Cost

Volvos are generally safe and dependable cars. They should remain in decent condition even after several years. This is why it is common to find many used Volvos for sale.

Speaking of used Volvos, you may wonder – “Why are used Volvos so cheap?”

This is all related to the maintenance cost. The more expensive a car is to maintain, the cheaper it is to resell it.

Since Volvos are luxury cars with special features and parts, once these break, the cost of repairing them can be quite high.

Thus, second-hand Volvos come at a more reasonable price. But then the cost of maintaining them is one thing you need to factor in before you purchase one.

For instance, a typical Volvo maintenance cost per year should set you back around $800. In some cases, it can go several thousands of dollars, depending on the damaged part, age of the vehicle, mileage, and model.

Volvos are most certainly expensive to maintain. For example, a typical Volvo oil change cost is around $70 to as much as $129. If you need to add in other repair works, the labor and parts should shoot up significantly.

But although Volvo cars are expensive to maintain, it is worth noting that damages are quite rare. In fact, when you drive it well and carefully, you can count on just setting aside your budget for usual maintenance work that should be cost-effective and affordable.

How Much Does A Volvo Maintenance Cost?

It is common that the purchase price of Volvo includes capped price service plans. These include plans for service maintenance for 3 to 5 years, although it depends on the model, too.

Hence, you can save a certain amount by taking advantage of these bundles. There is also a lifetime warranty offered for labor and parts replacement. This is why there is no need to spend a huge amount of money on maintaining your Volvo if you include this package upon purchase of your vehicle.

If you go to an authorized Volvo dealer, they can replace parts that are often subject to wear and tear issues. Yet, these are not a part of the “lifetime warranty”, but it still depends on the dealer as it varies.

Among the common Volvo parts that have a lifetime warranty are bulbs, fuses, rotors, upholstery, filters, tires, rugs, batteries, wiper blades, brake pads, spark plugs, and clutch lining. It is best to inquire from your dealer to know which of these parts are offered within the lifetime warranty.

Volvo Models Maintenance Cost

Let’s talk about the different models of Volvo cars and what you can expect from each when it comes to maintenance cost.

Volvo S60 Maintenance Cost

A typical Volvo S60 maintenance cost is around $80 to $4500. As for the average price, it is usually at around $300. Fuel filters are among the most common replacement requirements for the S60, which costs about $130 up to $190.

Volvo XC90 Maintenance Cost

As for the Xc90, you can expect an average maintenance cost of $80 up to a whopping $9000. This depends on whether there are major works to be done or as simple as an oil change. The average price of this car is $40,000 and above, which explains the steeper cost of maintaining it.

Volvo Xc60 Maintenance Cost

Mechanics typically charge between $95 and $3855 for the average Xc60 maintenance cost. But typically, it should not go over $330, especially if only a simple repair work is needed.

Among the common services required from a Volvo Xc60 maintenance include car air filter replacement, brake caliper replacement, alternator repair, brake pad replacement, wheel bearings replacement, front ball joint replacement, and ignition coil replacement, to name a few.

Volvo Xc40 Maintenance Cost

When it comes to the Xc40 maintenance cost, it is usually at around $95 to $460, averaging about $145.

There are fewer services needed for the Xc40 than the other models. These include oil change, differential or gear oil replacement, car air filter replacement and brake rotors or discs replacement.

Volvo S60 Maintenance Cost

As for the Volvo s60, it is typically cheaper to maintain, compared with other luxury sedans in this category. The annual maintenance cost for the S60 is around $700 to $800, which is a bit steeper than other models but not as expensive as other luxury cars.

For vehicles less than 5 years old, expect to pay about $325 to $695 per year. The price goes as high as several thousands of dollars the older an S60 is.

Volvo S90 Maintenance Cost

The Volvo S90 is cheaper to repair, costing you about $95 per year and can go up to $2200. Oil changes are common with this model, yet there are other repair works needed over the course of its lifespan.

Some of the most typical repair needs of a S90 are car battery replacement, alternator repair, cabin air filter replacement, car door lock actuator replacement, brake shoe replacement, wheel bearings replacement, crankshaft harmonic balancer replacement, and fuel pump replacement, among a few others.

There are also instances when a fuel injector replacement may be needed, which can go upwards $6,600. The model impacts the repair cost, so it is smart to remember that the cost of repair and maintenance vary from one Volvo model to another.

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Saving On Volvo Maintenance Cost

After learning more about the typical maintenance cost of a Volvo, you may wonder if it is possible to save on repair and maintenance expenses.

It is definitely possible by following these tips:

1. Consider getting a package including maintenance cost.

Many Volvo dealers incorporate maintenance costs in their purchase plans. So, you may want to see if there are notable packages that come with an extended warranty that includes many expensive parts.

There is also such a thing as a prepaid maintenance plan, which lets you save as much as 20 to 25 percent in the total maintenance cost when your vehicle has a mileage of 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

2. Maintain it yourself

And of course, it is cheaper if you do the maintenance work yourself. There are some simple repairs that an average DIY-er should be able to do. This spares you from having to pay a certain fee for labor cost, as long as you have proper tools at home.

3. Stick to your car’s scheduled maintenance

You want to make sure that you take your car to the dealer during scheduled maintenance. Among the common inspection done is for these parts – brakes, suspension, and steering mechanism. You should also comply with the required oil changes to prevent costly major repairs in the future.

4. Drive your car well.

And lastly, to avoid serious problems with your car, make sure that you drive it conscientiously. Give it some rest after driving for several long distances. Although it can be suitable for long hours of miles and miles of driving, giving it a break is a smarter route.


Volvo cars are excellent vehicles because they last a long time. You can buy a used one cheaply, but be sure to factor in some maintenance cost annually. These costs depend from one model to another, as well as the repairs needed.

Be sure to follow our tips to help you save on maintenance cost and drive your vehicle conscientiously to keep it in good condition for a long time!

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