Reasons Why A Volvo Fan Won’t Turn Off – And What To Do About It

When a Volvo fan won’t turn off, it can be quite a concerning thing to deal with.

Perhaps you have already turned your engine off, yet your fan appears to still be on and running. 

You may be confused why this happens since it is only expected that once the engine has been shut off, everything should be off, right? Well, if your fan stays on, then there has to be a reason why this happens. 

This is what we will investigate today, so you can have a better understanding of the causes behind this situation and what you can do about it. Let’s get started.

volvo fan won't turn off

Volvo Fan Won’t Turn Off – Causes 

When you have already turned your engine off, you may notice that your fan stays on for a few minutes. This usually is the case before it completely stops, so it is perfectly normal.

In fact, the fan may run for up to five minutes – sometimes a bit longer – before it finally stops. However, there are instances when the fan does not stop and just keeps running. This is why some electrical concerns may arise, in addition to draining your battery.

So, this is definitely something that you don’t want to keep going, especially if it will cause your battery to drain faster. Here are among the common reasons why your Volvo fan won’t turn off.

1. Coolant Level Temperature Sensor

In most cases, a problematic coolant temperature sensor can cause the fan to stay on. This is the issue with fans that keep on running even after you have turned your engine off for a while. Your car’s coolant temperature sensor is controlled by your ECU or engine control unit. This component gets the signal from your sensor, which is why if it is acting up, the fan may keep running.

2. Heater Core Issues

Next up, we have the heater core. When there are leaks in your heater core, then it is possible that it will impact the performance of your fan and fail to work well. So, it is best to get your heater core checked just to make sure that everything works as it should. 

3. Coolant Level

When the coolant level has gone down and below normal, you may encounter issues with the fan not turning off. This is why you need to check the coolant level and see if it is enough or has gone lower than the recommended level.

4. Coolant Leaks

One thing to note about a low coolant level is that you may have some leaks present, which is why your coolant keeps going down. For instance, you may want to inspect your water pump where the leak may be coming from. This is usually the best place to start when checking leaks in addition to topping up your coolant once it is below the normal level.

5. Thermostat Housing Problems

It is also worth mentioning that your fan may not be turning off because of an issue with the thermostat housing. In particular, there could be leaks in the housing, and this is impacting the normal operation of your cooling fan. So, be sure to get this component check and rule it out before getting into more complex parts.

6. Wirings

When your Volvo fan won’t turn off, it is likely that you have issues with your wirings. Perhaps your electrical wires have a short or have a loose connection. Check for damages to the wires, which can be causing this problem with the cooling fan.

7. Faulty Radiator

Your radiator has a direct link to your cooling fan. So, when there are cracks or defects to the radiator, it can cause the fan to keep running even shutting your engine off. In addition to the radiator, you may want to inspect your radiator hoses. You may have worn out lower and upper radiator hoses. If this is the case, your fan may stay on and will not turn off.

8. Coolant Bypass Pipe

This component has an impact on the operation of your cooling fan. When there is corrosion or damage to the coolant bypass pipe, it is possible for you to encounter issues with the fan. Make sure the pipe is in good condition and is free from rust and other types of damage.

9. ECU or PCM

Another component for you to take note of that can be causing these issues with the fan is your ECU or PCM. These are crucial parts that serve a role in ensuring the proper operation of your fan. Thus, if there are defects to these components, then you may be experiencing problems with your cooling fan. 

10. Radiator Fan Relay Damage

Your fan relay controls the cooling fan’s power. So, if there are defects or damages to your relay, the fan will get negatively impacted. For instance, the fan relay may get stuck and stay on, which prevents the fan from turning off.

What To Do With A Volvo Fan That Won’t Turn Off

volvo fan won't turn off

When you experience problems with your cooling fan, it is important to know the actual cause of the problem. If you have a fan that runs for over 30 minutes after turning the engine off, then it can cause issues with your battery. It runs on battery, which is why you may run the risk of having a drained battery that will no longer be able to power your electrical components.

First, remove the battery cable and if the fan turns off, it means that the issue is with your relay. Check the coolant level, as well, since once it is low, this can also cause the fan to stay on. 

As we have mentioned in the causes of a fan that stays on, having leaks and wiring issues can lead to this issue. This is why it is best to diagnose the problem and determine what is causing it, so you can get to the bottom of this issue and perform the right technique to fix it.

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Final Thoughts

When a Volvo fan won’t turn off, it can be a big issue on your battery. This is why you should diagnose the problem appropriately and make sure that you address it well to prevent having a drained battery and getting stuck on the road.

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