Toyota Corolla Fuel Door Not Opening? Common Fixes You Can Try

Having a Toyota Corolla fuel door not opening is a frustrating issue. After all, when you need to refill your fuel, what can you do to get it done if the door is stuck?

This is definitely an inconvenience worth looking into. A stuck door is something that is also not very easy to fix, depending on what caused it.

Here are just some of the reasons why you may be having an issue with your fuel door and what can be done about it. Let’s get started.

toyota corolla fuel door not opening

Toyota Corolla Fuel Door Not Opening

When your fuel door is stuck and won’t seem to budge, here are some of the possible causes of this issue.

1. Loose or damaged lever

Your fuel door lever allows you to open the fuel cap cover right from the inside. But when you pull the lever too hard, it may end up snapping away from the rest of the unit.

So, once the lever is damaged, loose, or broken completely, you may be having problems with opening the fuel door altogether.

2. Broken release cable

Another common reason why the Toyota Corolla fuel door is not opening is damage to your release cable. The cable connects the fuel door lever to your fuel cap door. Unfortunately, once the cable gets loose or snaps, there is no connection left, which means the door cannot open.

The only thing you can do about this problem is to get the release cable repaired or replaced. Then, you will be able to open the fuel door as normal.

3. Faulty spring 

Next up, there’s the problem with your spring or hinge. Many fuel doors come with a spring, and this allows the flap door to open. You need to keep this hinge well-maintained by lubricating it, so it can function well. In some cases, your spring can be physically damaged or may be loose and snap.

Hence, you may have to get it repaired or replaced to get it to work and open the fuel door more efficiently.

4. Damaged fuse

When the fuel door is electrically-controlled, it relies on a fuse that allows it to open. This fuse is connected to your locking solenoid, which is a component that makes sure your fuel door stays shut. So, if the fuse is damaged, you will simply need to replace it to get the door to open and close as it should.

5. Wiring problems

When your fuel door system’s wiring is damaged, then the door cannot open. Any damage to the wiring prevents electricity from reaching your door. Thus, you should get the wiring repaired or sometimes even replaced to open your fuel door.

Troubleshooting Fuel Door Issues

troubleshooting fuel door issues

Having fuel door problems can be a pain to deal with. So, if you find yourself facing this issue, here are some things you can do.

First, you may want to open the door manually. You can do this by using the manual release button, which should enable you to open the door in case the primary system is not working. 

If the fuel door problem is caused by a dent right around the fuel door cap, this causes the locks on your flap to misalign. Or much worse, this can break your actuator since this is a delicate component. Hence, you will have to get the dent fixed to make sure your door is able to be opened again.

It is also possible that the fuel door hinge has rust on it. Because of rusting, this reduces the strength of your fuel door, which also causes the hinge to get jammed. So, if the hinge is stuck or the bushings are stiff or loose, you will not be able to open the fuel door. 

What you can do is to remove the rust or simply replace the hinge. Then it should be easier to open the door without the corrosion causing it to get stuck.

Your fuel door actuator may also be damaged due to extreme weather conditions. If this is the issue, you can never open the fuel door. So, you need to get the fuel door actuator replaced, which should be an easy fix with the right tools.

Some people wonder if fuel expires, in the event that they are unable to open the fuel door. When stored in an airtight and sealed container at about 20 degrees celsius, your petrol should be okay to use for about 6 months. Once the temperature increases, this reduces the quantity of your petrol, which is why you need to top it up.

Petrol can also freeze, yet the freezing point is low. For instance, the freezing point is at -272.2 degrees celsius.

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Final Thoughts

When you have issues with the Toyota Corolla fuel door not opening, many factors come into play, which you need to look into. It may be a damaged, corroded, or broken fuel door hinge, or it could be a blown fuse, or some wiring issues.

It is best to inspect the cause of the problem and make sure you do the right techniques that should get these issues straightened out. In some cases, it can be a simple DIY project, but in other instances, it may require a specialist’s expertise to fix these issues. Either way, it is best to get the problem addressed sooner than later to prevent further concerns in the future.

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