Toyota Camry Trunk Release Not Working? Pro Tips You Can Try!

Having a Toyota Camry trunk release not working can be a frustrating ordeal.

After all, you just want everything about your car to work as it should. But when things fail, then it affects your day. This is particularly true when you just want your vehicle to function as smoothly as possible.

So, why does this malfunction with the trunk release happen, anyway? Is it a serious problem that needs to be fixed right away? 

If you are concerned about your faulty trunk release, and you need tips to get it to work as it should, keep reading to learn more. Here are the reasons why your trunk release is malfunctioning and what you can do about it.

toyota camry trunk release not working

Toyota Camry Trunk Release Not Working

Your Toyota Camry’s trunk release works quite like a car door lock. There are mechanisms that appear to be different from the lock in your car door, yet the function is pretty much the same.

Moreover, there are instances when your trunk release may be stuck. This can prevent you from opening your trunk as you normally would. This is why it is an inconvenience, especially when you have important items stored in the trunk of your car.

With this in mind, it is essential to know how to perform proper diagnosis of the problem, so you can open your trunk and retrieve the items in there.

But first, let’s talk about the reasons why your Toyota Camry trunk release is not working.

1. Keys are in your trunk.

There are some cases when you may have forgotten that your keys are in the car. Hence, you are not only unable to open your car door, but your trunk release cannot work, as well without first having to unlock your vehicle. 

If this is the case, then you have no choice except to wait for a locksmith to help you unlock your car. But there are ways to work around this issue, since there may be a spare key close to the driver’s seat. Once you get access to the key, then you should be able to unlock the car and activate the trunk release function to open it.

2. Trunk lock is broken

Perhaps you have a broken trunk lock, which is preventing you from opening the trunk as you normally would. When this happens, you also have no other option to consider but to take your car to a locksmith. This way, you can have the specialist try to replace your broken lock.

But again, there is the option of accessing your trunk release when you are inside the vehicle. Simply lower your second-row seats, then you should be able to find the trunk release and activate it from there.

3. Key fob is not responding

With modern cars, drivers are highly dependent on their key fob to get things to work such as to open the car and activate the trunk release. But if you have a broken key fob, then you will not be able to get your trunk release to work.

It is, however, not much of an issue with older vehicles. This is because there is always the possibility of unlocking the trunk with the key. Yet, with newer models, you need your key fob for unlocking your trunk.

One thing you can try, however, is to use the manual release button, which is found on the front of your car. You can try to see if this will help to open the trunk. Otherwise, you will need to contact a service center or a locksmith to fix this problem for you.

Fixes For Toyota Camry Trunk Release Not Working

fixes for toyota camry trunk release not working

In case you find yourself in an emergency where your trunk release is not working, you may want to try to fix the problem on your own. There are simply some instances when calling for a locksmith is not an option, since you are in a remote area, or you badly need to get what is inside your trunk.

But at the same time, you need to make sure that while you are troubleshooting this issue, you won’t end up breaking your locking mechanism, which only leads to expensive repairs.

With all that being said, let us go through these tips on how to fix a Toyota Camry trunk release not working without the help of a specialist.

1. Inspect your trunk

First thing you need to do is to inspect your trunk. Perhaps the trunk latch is stuck because of debris and dirt stuck on this portion or from the rubber material on the trunk. Hence, you need to use more force just to open it manually.

2. Get access inside your car

If using the exterior lock does not work in trying to open your trunk, then you can do it from the inside. When going down this route, you need to use your manual release lever found on the vehicle’s driver’s side. 

But if this still fails to work, then you will have to crawl gently into your trunk then pull your release mechanism to open it. But this is not quite a feasible option when you are unable to maneuver inside the trunk for some reason. Also, if your trunk’s lock is broken, this open will not work since only a replacement lock can be used for opening the trunk.

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Additional Tips On How To Fix Toyota Camry Trunk Release Not Working

Once you have an engaged trunk latch, then the only way to open your trunk is via a key fob or your handheld remote. 

In newer car models, your trunk latch functions as a door latch, which means there is a U-shaped anchor sitting in your vehicle’s frame, while the latching mechanism is in the lid to your trunk. 

One or both of these components may fail, which also causes your trunk release to malfunction. With older vehicles, however, there is a cylinder system used for opening with a key. The system functions through the use of a striker and a cylinder, and you use your key that matches your door locks. Then, the latch holding the trunk locked is found in the striker.

When you notice some signs of the trunk latch failing, it is best to contact an expert to address this issue immediately to avoid inconvenience. Some signs of a failing trunk release include the trunk not being able to stay closed, the need to slam your trunk to engage the latch, or the latch coming open when your vehicle is jostled such as when stopping abruptly or hitting a bump.

So, if you are experiencing these issues with your trunk release, you may either have a specialist fix it or try the tips we have shared for DIY techniques to get your trunk release to work as it should. 

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