Ram Warlock Vs Rebel – Which One Is The Best?

In our comparison for Ram Warlock vs Rebel, we uncover the differences and essential features of the two.

If you are torn between these two trucks, you need to have a better understanding on which one to get depending on your needs. So, we will talk about the ease of use, performance, price point, and fuel economy of these two options.

Hang tight and get ready to learn more about these cool trucks and what each of these has to offer. Let’s get right into it.

ram warlock vs rebel

Ram Warlock Vs Rebel Facts

In just the recent years, two trucks have stood out when it comes to power and performance. And these are the Warlock and the Rebel. These trucks are superior not only with what they are capable of doing but also with the aesthetics. This is why they got you covered in terms of looks and power.

Basically, these are both pickup trucks but the Warlock just has a tad more when it comes to the seating capacity. But the engine model is the same, yet the Rebel has a bit more towing capacity, which also explains the higher price point.

When it comes to performance, the Rebel has a bit more edge over the warlock. But they both have the same 6-speed manual transmission, and the horsepower is not at all much different. These trucks also offer luxury infotainment systems, which add more fun and enjoyment during the ride.

As for performance, you can never go wrong with either one of these because they do have something impeccable to offer. Yet for comfort, we would say that the Rebel has more to offer because of the passenger space being more spacious. The suspension is also a bit stronger, which makes for a more comfortable ride overall.

On the other hand, if you like heated front seats and an option to have an all-leather upholstery, then the Warlock wins in this department. Nevertheless, both of these trucks have anti-lock brakes, side airbags, trailer sway control systems, and stability control. There is also a hill descent control system to ensure your safety and balance when going downhill. So, it is good to know what feature you prioritize the most to decide which truck to get.

In terms of safety, they both have plenty to offer. This is also important to consider when you simply cannot decide between these two. Both are pretty much safe to drive, but with the warlock, you can get an emergency braking assistance, emergency traction control and an electronic stability program.

As for the Rebel, you can expect a few other features such as the ABS with EBD, rollover mitigation system, integrated child seat tethers, and a driver alertness monitor. So, the choice is completely up to you. They are both safe, obviously, yet we would say that the Rebel has more points added in when it comes to safety. 

Features To Consider

Depending on which truck you decide to get, you have the option to get the V6 or the V8 engine. But basically these two trucks provide numerous features that you will most definitely find to be useful for your needs. 

We also like the fact that there are driver seat memory settings for either truck. Hence, you can save multiple seat settings. What this means is that you can select your personal choice when it comes to safety and comfort.

Now, if you plan on towing heavier loads, it is important to understand that both trucks can do the job well. As for the Warlock, the towing capacity is at 9000 pounds while there is a bit more for the Rebel at 11500 pounds. This is why if towing is a priority for you, then there is no doubt that you should choose the Rebel.

For the most part, fuel efficiency is one of the strongest suits of the Warlocks. However, Rebels can also be efficient. They are just a newer model, which is why the Warlocks are more popular in terms of fuel economy.

When it comes to the price point, a brand new Ram Rebel should cost you about $57000 with a possibility of costing as much as $83000 or even more when with some upgrades. But the Warlock can come down to $40000 or as steep as $60000. So, in terms of the price point, the Rebel is definitely more expensive.

Which One To Get?

There is no doubt that in terms of toughness, this is something that Ram trucks are known for. You can expect these trucks to do so many hard-labor tasks such as hauling lumber or riding on mud. But if fuel economy reigns supreme in your preference, along with a more robust design, then it is what you can expect from the Warlock. The price point is also slightly lower than the Rebel.

So, we would say that the Warlock is worth it when it comes to its reliability and power. The price is also lower and it can pretty much do many tasks with ease. It is a decent truck with all the features that can benefit you. 

When what matters for you is greater performance, then it is worth considering the Ram Rebel, especially if you have more budget to spare. It has plenty more to offer while the price point is definitely steeper.

But the Warlock is slightly more economical and the fuel economy is great. There is also balanced performance to expect from it, which is something that budget-conscious folks look for.

Either way, we can confidently say that these two trucks are excellent. They shine in a number of factors, which make them a good choice overall. It is just a matter of what you prioritize more and of course, how much money you are willing to spend for a brand new truck.

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