Common Meritor Transmission Problems And What To Do

Do you happen to come across some Meritor transmission problems?

If you are experiencing certain issues with your transmission, and you find yourself at a loss on what to do next, consider these tips to help you out.

Read further to know what can be done about these Meritor transmission problems that also concern other users just like you. Let’s get started!

meritor transmission problems

Meritor Transmission Problems and Solutions

We have heard of some people worried about the Meritor transmission problem. For instance, their transmission goes into a malfunction all the time. Sometimes, it happens regardless of the gear, and this caused them to wonder if replacing their wire harness and reprogramming the TCU could address this concern. 

Others also encounter a problem with their Meritor transmission going into a SM issue when it rains or when cold. Thankfully, the transmission and the vehicle seem to work perfectly fine even in this state. Shifting manually through the gears is not a problem, yet the automatic transmission does not work.

When these problems occur, just a few miles of running their fully-warmed trunk or dry-road driving helps to bring the auto-shifting back. Moreover, this also helped to clear the SM code that was showing up on the dash. 

For others, they experience some minor problems and it does not require them to get it fixed by a professional. However, the diagnosis can be tricky and can take so much time because of the intermittent problem. 

There are also those who claim that even after writing the codes down just for later reference did not do much at all. Some technicians prefer to catch the error as it happens and not just read about it from your list. Although the codes seem worrisome, technicians may not always be willing to fix these when they do not see the problem happening right before their very eyes.

But then again, some of the common repair works needed include an ABS sensor replacement. Others would recommend getting the harness replaced. Yet, these are not always guaranteed to fix the problem completely. 

This is not always the case, however, since it worked for others. After replacing the ABS sensors, the issue did not persist anymore. Even with more than 750,000 miles on their truck, the transmission worked as it should no matter what the weather was – rainy, sunny, or snowy.

If this is the case, we can say that the issue is not purely with the transmission. Instead, it is the ABS sensor that could be defective right from the start. This is why some strange signals were showing up and codes are generated, which can be misleading.

This is why you need to check the sensor and be sure it is not the problem. When you have a defective sensor, it may work intermittently. But the bottom line is that it is really faulty and cannot be relied on.

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Final Thoughts

Meritor transmission problems happen and can be very concerning to anyone. This is why it is very important to get to the bottom of the problem and find out exactly why it is causing all sorts of codes and errors to appear. 

You can have a mechanic look into it for further and a more intensive evaluation but in some cases, all it takes is a replacement of the ABS sensor. Sometimes, it is not always the transmission that is the problem, so it is always best to troubleshoot accordingly to prevent further issues along the way. 

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