What Are The Causes Of The Kia Blind Spot Detection Not Working?

Have you ever wondered what could be causing the Kia blind spot detection not working? 

If you are encountering this issue with your vehicle, then it is most definitely understandable for you to be concerned about it. This is a high-tech feature in a vehicle that helps to prevent some serious accidents on the road.

With a blind spot detection system, you can easily get an alert when you come close to a vehicle while driving. This also applies to some obstructions on the road that can limit your safety. 

Thus, it is important to know what to do when you have a malfunctioning blind spot detection system. By doing so, you can stay on the safe side when driving, especially if you rely on this feature a lot.

So, let’s learn more about the cause of the blind spot detection not working, what you can do about it and how to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

kia blind spot detection not working

Kia Blind Spot Detection Not Working

You count on your blind spot detection to avoid potential accidents and obstructions on the road. Moreover, you use this feature to get an alert, particularly when you end up driving far too close to another car on the road. So, to prevent you from bumping against that vehicle, you can use this feature to spare you from an imminent accident.

But when this feature is malfunctioning, you may want to either fix it or do a reset. If you are in search of ways on how to go about it, then this is what this article is all about. 

The very first thing – and the most important step – you should take is to diagnose what is causing the issue. You can go to a professional mechanic to have this problem checked thoroughly. There is usually a need for the system to be recoded and then recalibrated, so it will start to work once more.

If you intend to do the recoding and recalibration yourself, here are some tips you can follow:

1. Detection tool

First, turn your ignition on. Then, hook up your detection tool to identify the VIN and ID of your vehicle. The BSD module has a scanner, and you just need to click on this. On the left side, you need to switch it to the Blind Spot Detection Calibration option. This should set the BSD radar after you have completed the replacement process.

2. Clear your missing calibration parts. 

This step allows you to clear any calibration issues that are missing, as well as the DTCs. Your radar sensors will enable you to continue with the steps required for the self-alignment process. Then, your sensors will work on self-aligning while you drive your car. This step takes up to 30 seconds to complete the entire process. 

It is also important to note that you will not be able to cancel this process once you start it. This Is why the only thing left to do is to just wait for it to be finished.

3. Cycle your ignition 

Next up, you should cycle your ignition once it has turned off and on. You need to wait for this process to finish before choosing to continue. After completing the coding, this means that you have already finished one side. It has already completed the communication with your car, so now, you can proceed to the next side.

4. Check the codes once more.

When you have conducted the similar procedure for your car’s other side, you need to double-check any error codes. By doing so, you can be completely sure that your vehicle is not having any further issues. If there are no more codes, that means you have successfully reset your BSD and that it has been recalibrated, as well. Thus, your car should be good to go.

Why the BSD Is Having Issues

kia blind spot detection not working

There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing some problems with your blind spot detection system. For instance, it could be due to an automatic shutdown. What this means is that your monitor may automatically turn off without any warning.

Usually, you may have your monitor turned off after you have used your vehicle longer than you normally would. Others also say that this automatic shut off may be caused by the electrical system having issues. This is why you need to analyze your vehicle’s electrical system. By doing so, you can determine the actual cause of the problem and get it fixed accordingly.

Next up, it could be incurring some errors with your speed limit. In this case, you should understand that your BSD offers excellent visibility to the driver. This is how the system is capable of detecting the other drivers’ speed around your vehicle. So, when you are traveling at a very low speed, the system is also unable to maintain its high efficiency level. 

And other cases could be due to a sensor failure issue. Although this is not a common problem, this can also affect the blind spot detection system, which is why it is still important to exercise caution when driving instead of relying solely on your sensors. 

And lastly, it may be caused by dirt on your sensors. Your sensors serve as a radar that assists with your driving quality. This is why when there is dirt on your sensors, you need to check them and keep them clean. By doing so, you can ensure the proper performance of your BSD system. 

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons behind a Kia blind spot detection not working. We hope that after learning more about the causes and the solutions you need to consider, we have helped you determine the ways to address these issues to ensure the proper performance of your Kia BSD for your safety and peace of mind.

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