Jeep Cherokee Radio Not Working? Causes And Fixes To Know!

Having a Jeep Cherokee radio not working is most definitely something you would not want to deal with.

You rely on your car radio for entertainment while on a long drive. Plus, it helps when you want to make hands-free phone calls. 

So, why does your radio stop working and what can you do about it? These are just some of the topics we will cover today… And much more!

jeep cherokee radio not working

Causes Of Jeep Cherokee Radio Not Working

When you realize that your car radio is not working, there are so many potential culprits to consider. This is why it is important to pinpoint the actual cause to determine the right action to take in fixing this issue,

For example, if the concern is with a ground or power issue, then the first thing to look into would be your fuses. When you have a blown fuse problem, you may need to replace it first and then test driving your vehicle to check if the problem recurs. Now, if the fuse blows up once more, it means there is a short in some components. This can be a bit more tricky to fix, unfortunately. 

Some people assume that by simply getting a more heavy duty fuse, this should solve the problem with blown fuses. However, it simply does not work this way. In fact, you need to identify the actual cause of the problem before correcting it. 

Perhaps, you may be tempted to get a 40A fuse to replace your 5A fuse. While the shape and size may be similar, it may wreak havoc to the wiring and may even be a fire hazard. So, we recommend using a voltmeter to check for the ground and power at your fuse block and the radio. This should help in locating the fault. 

When there are corroded or loose grounds, this may result in complex issues. But it is still a good idea to test this out first before resorting to replacing your entire head unit. 

Now, if you notice that there is no audio coming from your speakers, this is more intricate than you think. For instance, the problem may be amp-related, especially in the case of speaker wires and external amps. 

It also depends on where your amp is. In some cases, it is tricky or easy to locate and check. There are also some amps that come with in-line fuses. But others have the amp fused in. Either way, if you have a damaged amp fuse, you cannot expect to get any audio from your speakers.

We also would like to add that it is possible you have a bad connection or wire issue in your speaker. If the sound tends to come back on each time you close and open your door, it may either be a speaker wire issue or a ground problem.

There are instances when your radio is not working, yet you are able to listen to your MP3 player or CD player, as well as other sources of audio. In this case the issue is linked with your antenna or tuner. 

This is why you can try replacing the antenna or simply tightening the connection. Sometimes a simple tightening should help improve the reception, especially when it is due to corrosion or loose connection. 

Possible Fixes You Can Try

There are other concerns with the Jeep Cherokee radio not working. For example, you have the radio slightly functioning, yet you can only listen to one station well. 

You may have relocated to another area, and the station you used to listen to before without any problem may suddenly sound bad. In this case, you may want to invest in an antenna booster. This should help improve the signal, allowing it to have a clearer reception. While this is not a definitive solution for other car radio problems, it is definitely useful when you are merely concerned with a poor signal.

Additionally, there are some antennas nowadays that come with whips that are manually retractable. If you have this type of antenna for your car, then you need to check if the antenna has been retracted accidentally. Perhaps, you had your car washed, and the staff pushed it in either intentionally or by accident. So this is another thing to look into before considering that you need to replace certain components in your radio system. 

Some vehicles come with an anti-theft system. This means that the car radio prevents itself from functioning when the power flow has been disrupted. It is a way to deter theft and unauthorized people from gaining access into your vehicle. 

What it does is to make the radio useless unless you do something to regain the proper functioning state.

But most of the time, it could simply be a dead battery problem, wiring issue, blown fuse, as well as the other common reasons we have shared above.

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Wrap Up

Your car radio is what makes the trip more fun and more worthwhile. For instance, you may be in a long ride, and you want to listen to music, your audio book, or a podcast. In this case, it helps to have a car radio that works just fine.

However, there comes a time when problems exist with your radio. You may notice that it stops working completely, or perhaps other functions work such as the MP3 or CD player, but the rest is not responsive.

There are numerous reasons why your car radio may stop working. This is why it helps to determine the actual culprit since this is the only way to solve the problem once and for all. Sometimes, it may simply require fixing the antenna, replacing the fuse, or if it is a more serious problem, replacing the speakers or the head unit may be your only options to solve the problem.

We hope this article has been helpful for you in fixing a Jeep Cherokee radio not working and get your entertainment system functioning once more.

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