Hyundai Tucson Radio Display Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips

So you’re worried about that Hyundai Tucson radio display not working. When this happens, it can definitely be quite frustrating.

After all, you want to make sure everything about your car radio is functioning well.

If this is the situation you’re in, no worries – we can help you get it fixed in no time. We have included several scenarios with malfunctioning car radios and what you can do to resolve them. Let’s get started.

hyundai tucson radio display not working

Hyundai Tucson Radio Display Not Working

There are so many Hyundai radio problems that car owners experience once or more times in their lives. Generally, the radio display does not work well when there are issues involved such as a blown fuse, faulty illumination wire, or the dimmer turned all the way down.

Additionally, a Hyundai Tucson radio screen blank problem could be a sign of a defective unit. The LCD or the backlight may be acting up, as well.

With all these things in mind, you may want to learn how to reset Hyundai radio to get it back up to speed with how it should be. Or, you can consider these tips we’ve listed down below.

1. What to do with a faulty fuse

This is the common issue with radio displays that are not working right. What this means is that there is a ground or short, which is why the fuse burns out. Hence, the display fails to turn on.

With a blown fuse, the display fails to work, as well as the entire radio. The quickest thing you can do is to take it to the retailer if it is still under warranty.

However, if it has already expired, then you may want to have the fuse replaced.

2. The light is too dim

Another issue with the Hyundai Tucson radio display not working is the very dim light. You may assume that it is not working because the screen is blank. However, it could be that the dimmer setting only needs to be adjusted. Either that, or you have to work with the illumination wire.

If you have the dimmer turned all the way down, simply adjust to turn the brightness up according to your preference. But if it still won’t brighten up, then the illumination wire may be at fault. It may be loose or damaged. Rewiring the radio should help, which a professional can do for you.

3. Broken mechanical connectors

broken mechanical connectors

Next, the issue could be linked to a damaged mechanical connector. What you can do is to purchase a connector from your trusted repair shop and have it replaced.

In case your radio display comes with soldering joints, you may want to inspect if the wire or joint is loose. A simple DIY work may be all it takes to put the pieces back securely.

4. Faulty LCD, backlight, or unit

Say you have gone through the steps mentioned earlier but the radio display is still not working. If so, then the issue may be with the radio or the unit itself.

The LCD may be busted, the backlight may not be working as it should, or the unit itself is broken. You will have to take your radio into the shop for repair or get it replaced, especially if the warranty is still valid.

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Bottom Line

Having a car radio is a great way to add some entertainment while you drive your vehicle. You can also use the radio to check the time, or make use of the other functions it offers.

However, there are instances when the car radio display just stops working. In some cases, it may not even work the first time. Thus, it could be that something in the unit is damaged such as the fuse, wiring, or the LCD.

This is why it is important to check which component is the culprit through a series of steps. You can also consider replacing the defective part to have the unit work as it should.

But most importantly, it makes sense to use the warranty for a replacement or have a professional check and fix the unit. By doing so, you can be sure that the work is done correctly while getting the outcome you want.

2 thoughts on “Hyundai Tucson Radio Display Not Working – Troubleshooting Tips”

  1. The radio will not display when the thin screen peels off – need new screen?? Where?? Hot sun did a job on it last summer.. (2011 Tucson)
    Any ideas?
    Many thanks.

    • Hi Bill,

      It sounds like the thin screen on your car radio might be a protective layer or display cover that has been damaged by exposure to hot sun. If the actual display underneath is still functioning but not visible due to the damaged screen, you may only need to replace the protective layer.

      Here are a few steps you can take:

      Check with the Manufacturer or Dealer
      Aftermarket Parts Retailers
      Local Electronics Repair Shops
      Online Marketplaces
      Professional Installation

      Before purchasing a replacement screen, it’s essential to confirm the exact model of your car radio and screen to ensure compatibility. If the damage extends beyond the screen cover and the actual display is not working, you may need to explore options for repairing or replacing the entire car radio unit. In such cases, consulting with a professional technician would be advisable.


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