Causes And Solutions For A Hyundai Santa Fe Driver Side Window Not Working

Is your Hyundai Santa Fe driver side window not working?

Back in the day, the way to operate your car windows was by simply rolling them down. But with modern technology, this is not the case anymore.

Everything comes with a more convenient method nowadays, and you can forget about cranking that hand roller. Just one press of a button, and your window easily goes up or down. 

But what if this functionality is out of commission? What should you do about it? Keep reading to learn more about these easy solutions to get your driver side window to work as it should.

hyundai santa fe driver side window not working

Hyundai Santa Fe Driver Side Window Not Working

Car windows are complex since there are electricals involved. This is why there are many reasons why it may fail. Here are some of them.

1. Blown fuse

When your fuse is damaged, this prevents your electrical controls from handling your window’s functions well. So, the rolling down and up function fails.

2. Child safety lock

Car windows come with a child safety lock for protection. But when you have this activated or engaged, then it prevents you from getting your window to work as it should.

3. Faulty window motor

Perhaps the window switch is working fine, yet you have a faulty window motor. In this case, you need to have it checked. You can easily tell that it is an issue with the window motor because of the grinding noise you hear each time you push your window switch button up or down.

4. Window switch issue

When your driver side window is not working, then your switch may have gone bad. It can be due to a poor construction or some voltage problems.

5. Dented car door

Perhaps you have gone through an accident with your car, and this causes the door to have a dent. Thus, the window may not be able to roll up or down in spite of the motor still working well.

6. Debris

When there are build-ups or obstructions to the car window system, this prevents it from working well. There may be some materials clogging up the window slot – things like snow, ice, or any type of debris, so you just need to clean it up.

How To Fix Hyundai Santa Fe Driver Side Window Not Working

how to fix hyundai santa fe driver side window not working

With all these things in mind, have a look at these common fixes you can try when addressing issues with your Hyundai Santa Fe driver side window not working.

1. Inspect the child safety locks.

Before you go any further, begin by checking the safety locks of your car. Make sure that you don’t have your child safety locks engaged. It is very easy to lose track of whether you have it activated or not, so start by verifying if these locks are indeed not on.

2. Check the electronics

Next up, you should test your vehicle’s electronics to make sure they are in good condition. If the interior lights and some other electronic components are not working, then this explains why your driver side window is not functioning, as well. A short circuit may have prevented an electrical signal from reaching the car window properly.

3. Look for any obstruction

As we have mentioned earlier, it is possible for your car window to not work well because of an obstruction. In this case, you should check if there is ice or snow lodged in the window slot that may be preventing the window from rolling down or up. 

4. Restart the car

If none of these techniques work, then you may want to restart your vehicle. Sometimes, a simple restart should be able to get things to work again. This also helps to reset the interior computers, as well as your electronics. Thus, a minor issue with the window may help to get things fixed.

Additional Tips On How To Fix A Driver Side Window That’s Not Working

additional tips on how to fix a driver side window that’s not working

There are some cases when simply slamming your door should be able to fix the problem. Your windows are basically set on tracks found within the door panel. If for some reason, the window has been dislodged from its track, then this prevents it from engaging with the motor even when there is no issue with the motor or switch at all.

By slamming the door, this should fix the issue as the windows are realigned once more to the tracks.

To do this, turn the car on and press and hold on the window switch. As you continue to hold your switch down, sit inside your car and slam the door. Notice if the window starts to roll down or up. 

As another option, you can also try the glass palming technique. This is helpful when there is debris blocking the window slot. 

To do this, simply press on the car glass right between your palms and have someone press the down or up button of the window switch. Pull the glass window up while the button remains to be engaged. But never get the fingers stuck in the way of your door and glass since it might cause injury in case the window rises suddenly. 

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Final Thoughts

There are a few reasons why your Hyundai Santa Fe driver side window may not be working. For instance, it may be due to a blown fuse, or you have a faulty switch, malfunctioning window motor, or the child safety lock may have been activated.

Other times, when there is debris in the window slot, or you have a dented car door, your window may not roll up or down as it should.

When addressing this issue, it is best to determine what is really causing the problem, so you can perform the right techniques to get it fixed right up. We hope that by providing these tips and techniques, you were able to find the right solution to your issue with the Hyundai Santa Fe driver side window not working.

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