Causes And Solutions For A Hyundai Auto Hold Problem

If you are experiencing a Hyundai auto hold problem, you are not alone.

A few other people come across this issue at one point or another. And although it can be a frustrating ordeal, there are some things you can do to get it fixed.

While some techniques would require a professional’s intervention, there are some ways to go about it without a specialist’s help.

So, if you want to get that problem with your Hyundai auto hold addressed, keep reading this post to know more about what you can do about this issue. 

hyundai auto hold problem

Hyundai Auto Hold Problem You Need To Know

Some issues with the auto hold arise every now and then. For instance, there are some owners who nearly get into an accident because of an auto hold problem. They end up pressing the gas pedal for them to move forward, and yet the auto hold remains on. 

Moreover, the only way for them to undo this auto hold function was to completely disable this particular function and continue to drive. With other people, however, the auto hold stayed on and while in the drive position, they moved forward while the auto hold function was not engaged. However, at 40 mph, it engaged suddenly, which caused the vehicle to make an immediate stop.

These people also lost control over the brake, which happened more than once. Hence, they released the gas pedal when the auto hold engaged.

Some drivers talk about putting the vehicle in park with an engaged auto hold. This should allow the emergency brake to come on immediately. But for others, this does not happen at all.

There are a few things to do when you come across this issue yourself. For instance, you can have your EPB system updated. It may be possible that you need to head over to your dealer to get the problem fixed. Sometimes, the electronic parking brake is engaged when you put the auto hold on while the car is in the park position.

This is a safety issue that you should never ignore. So, you need to have your dealer attend to this concern, since it can cause accidents.

Auto hold typically kicks in when you apply your brakes. Hence, the vehicle will come at a complete stop. Once engaged, you will notice that the auto hold has a green light that turns on. Afterwards, you can simply let go of the brake pedal. When you have the brakes still applied, simply tap on your gas pedal, and this will cause the light on your auto hold function to turn white. Then, the brakes are released.

There is also a push button located near your EPB button, which activates or deactivates the auto hold. 

Another issue that some people encounter is having the park brake stuck on. They were unable to turn it off, and the car is unable to move. 

Since this has electrical systems involved, it would be best for you to inspect the fuses first. You should first check if the fuse is the problem or not before you consider checking your electrical diagram just to identify the actual fuse.

It is also possible that the specific fuse needs to be determined, which you can find in your owner’s manual. 

Use a scanner to determine what is going wrong with your car. The scanner may also be able to release your parking brakes. Then, do a full reset to help put the settings back to the way it used to be.

There are also cases when disconnecting your battery even just for 10 minutes can help. 

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Other Issues With the Hyundai Auto Hold

hyundai auto hold problem

Another situation involving the auto hold function is using it while at a red light. After pressing the gas pedal, nothing even happened. Even after switching to sport mode, and then neutral and back, while at the same time toggling the auto hold button, there was no response at all.

It was only after putting the car in the park position and then back to drive that the car moved. However, this is not the response you are looking for when trying to activate the auto hold. And to make things worse, this issue happened with a car that has under 1300 kms on the display. 

These are some scenarios you would not want to find yourself in, especially when in a heavy traffic. This is why some people opt for the mechanic parking brake, that is only foot-operated, since very little things can go wrong with it.

Anyway, if this issue occurs, it could be mainly a mechanical issue. Your BCM should release your EPB automatically when attempting to take off. Thus, you may want to replace the motor-on-cable arrangement, which you can even do yourself. 

Otherwise, taking your vehicle to a dealership should be a practical option to consider, especially if the problem recurs a few times and has become an inconvenience and safety concern.

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  1. I have a 2019 Hyundai Tucson and yesterday I got an oil change and when I got in my car the auto hold button was activated. We tried to turn it off but it wouldn’t and then I hit the parking brake and it wouldn’t turn off. It was off this morning but auto hold is still on. I have to drive to Tennessee from Indiana tomorrow and I’m concerned driving the car while on auto hold. I don’t know what to do.


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