Why Your Hyundai Accent Low Fuel Warning Light Turns On

Having the Hyundai Accent low fuel warning light turn on can be concerning.

After all, it is either your vehicle is running out of fuel – which is bad – or it is perfectly fine, yet the warning light is illuminated.

So, if you are unsure what is causing this problem, and you want to get it resolved right away, keep reading. We will discuss the cause of this problem and what can be done about it. Let’s get started.

hyundai accent low fuel warning light

Causes Of Hyundai Accent Low Fuel Warning Light On

There are a number of reasons why your Hyundai Accent low fuel warning light is on. For instance, its main purpose is to alert you once the fuel level is below normal. So, when you see the light is on, it means that there is very little fuel left. Although it is not empty yet, there is just not a whole lot in there.

This is why the best thing to do is to stop at a gas station and top up on your fuel to make sure you can reach your destination. For some cars, the light turns on when there is only a gallon or two in the tank. This should suffice for driving for another 30 miles.

The light is visible once you start your engine. However, once you start your vehicle, the light needs to be off, otherwise the bulb is either having some issues or you really need to refill your fuel tank.

Now, when you notice the low fuel warning light is on in your Hyundai Accent, you need to check if the light stays on. When it is static light, this means that you are indeed low on fuel. Hence, you should top up sooner than later.

However, if the light is flashing instead of steady, the fuel gauge may be having some problems. Thus, you need to get it fixed right away.

How The Low Fuel Warning Light Works

Basically, this light appears on the dashboard when your fuel reaches a particular level. This is why you should check this right away and get more fuel at a petrol station immediately. 

This does not mean that your fuel tank is empty. But what it means is that there is only a little bit left. This is why you have to refill the tank to avoid going on a standstill on the road.

Now, there are cases when the light may simply be flashing. Sometimes, it may be flashing when it is critically low fuel level. This also happens when you are only moments away from having an empty fuel. But also, there are instances when the flashing light could mean a malfunction to your fuel gauge.

This is why it is important to determine what it is that can be causing the problem. It may either be that your vehicle is unsafe to drive because of the low fuel level, or it is still fine since you have some fuel left in your reservoir. 

But we strongly suggest that you use what’s left in your fuel tank to drive your vehicle to the nearest gas station. Then, you should fill up sooner than later since running completely out of petrol can cause serious damage to your car.

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Does Your Low Fuel Warning Light Need To Get Fixed?

For the most part, when your Hyundai Accent low fuel warning light is on, this means that you simply need to get more fuel. This is why you should not ignore this light when it comes on. After all, it costs much less to get fuel than to get your vehicle fixed when there are severe damages caused by continuing to drive a vehicle that is critically low on fuel.

Otherwise, you run the risk of having a car break down, which is more difficult and more expensive, especially when you need to rely on roadside assistance service. Plus, the last thing you want is for your car to break down because of an empty fuel tank.

But at the same time, you may also have the vehicle checked if the low fuel warning light flashes when you have just topped up the petrol. In this case, it means that something is wrong with the gauge.

It is also important to note that a low fuel level warning light does not always lead to an MOT fail. But then again, you need to check how much fuel you have before you take your vehicle to a mechanic for an MOT. In the event that your vehicle ends up with empty fuel while performing an MOT, then you will have some more serious problems.

Some low fuel warning light cases do not lead to a required MOT check. This is particularly true when the light flashes because of a problem with your fuel gauge. So, it is still very important to check what the cause is, eliminate other potential causes, and get to the bottom of the problem with the right tools and techniques.

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