How To Reset Ambient Air Temperature Sensor – Practical Tips To Know

Are you interested in learning how to reset ambient air temperature sensor?

Your internal combustion’s engine temperature is very important to check as this can lead to system issues. For instance, an overheat may arise when you have extreme temperatures. This is why there is an air temperature sensor, to prevent this problem from happening.

The temperature sensor is usually on your intake manifold, near your headlights, or on the radiator. This is connected to your engine to relay information about the surrounding air temperature. With the information it receives, it is able to provide information on the amount of fuel to be injected into your combustion cylinders. Thus, your engine can run optimally based on the ambient temperature.

But what if there is an issue with your air temperature sensor? How do you reset it when need be? Here are some tips that may come in handy for this particular purpose. Let’s jump right into it.

how to reset ambient air temperature sensor

How To Reset Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

When your sensor detects a cold ambient temperature, the engine receives the information, and it burns more fuel as needed to maintain an optimal performance. But when it is hotter outside, the engine burns less fuel to avoid overheating. 

However, if you want to reset the sensor because of certain reasons, then it can help to fix the issue. For instance, when the temperature display reads differently than what the actual ambient temperature is, you need to do a reset as a simple fix.

When you reset the ambient air temperature sensor from your control panel, it is usually the easiest method to do. From your control panel, check the menu bar and look for your AC and recirculation buttons. Then, you need to press and hold these buttons for about 15 seconds. 

After releasing, this should reset the air temperature sensor. Then, you should be able to see a match between the outside temperature and what’s shown on the display.

Another way to do a reset is by pressing your MAX AC and the AC buttons together. But when doing this, be sure that you have your vehicle in the drive mode. It is very important to maintain this setting before doing any reset.

Then, from the climate control panel, simply press both the MAX AC and the AC buttons and hold it for about 3 seconds. Finally, release these buttons and in a couple of minutes, this should reset the sensor. Moreover, it should recalibrate the sensor to ensure a more accurate reading of the temperature outside.

However, if these steps above fail to work, you can also conduct a manual reset. You will have to look for the sensor which may be found close to the radiator, in an engine bay or close to the grill on your bumper side. Afterwards, disconnect your battery and keep it off for 15 minutes. This helps to dissipate residual electrical charge in your system. 

Next, disconnect your wire that leads from your sensor and to your engine. Remove the sensor by unscrewing it. Do keep in mind that the sensor is a very delicate component, so you need to be very careful when working with it. Remove dirt or dust that you can see.

When you have cleaned it, you can now search for the reset button on the sensor. Press this button to do a reset. 

Other Options To Consider

It may be possible that a reset does not solve the problem. In this case, you want to know what other steps or methods you can do to fix your concern. Perhaps you have a damaged sensor, which is why the only thing left to do is to have it replaced. When your ambient temperature sensor is not working, you can encounter more problems. So, it is better to have it replaced.

In this case, you need to purchase a replacement sensor – and it should cost too much. Installing it is more complex, which is why it is best to have a specialist work on this task if you are not quite skilled in this. Yet, if you would like to save on labor costs and you feel confident about doing the job yourself, then it is important to be gentle about it.

First, disconnect your battery and wait for 15 minutes before proceeding to the installation process. It also helps to wear shock-proof gloves since the electrical system is quite dangerous to work on without proper safety equipment and tools.

Check where your air temperature sensor is found. It is usually close to the front portion of your vehicle. Then, disconnect screws and wires that keep the old sensor intact. Replace this with your new sensor and reconnect to the engine and your wires.

When you have reconnected everything, you can now put your battery back on. Test the sensor to see if it now gives a correct ambient air temperature reading.

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Wrap Up

Your ambient air temperature sensor is essential in maintaining an efficient performance of your vehicle. It also aids in regulating your environmental control systems. So, if your air temperature sensor is not working as it should, you need to either conduct a reset or have it replaced. 

It also helps to compare the reading once in a while since issues may have been coming on more frequently and earlier than you think. A single discrepancy can be fixed by replacing your sensor with a new one. However, if it happens often and the inaccuracy is too much, a replacement may be required.

You need a properly-working ambient air temperature sensor to prevent problems with your vehicle such as overheating. Moreover, this also ensures a comfortable temperature in your internal cabin. 

This is why you need to make it a point to keep it well-maintained and have it reset as needed. Then, you can prevent overheating issues linked with a faulty ambient air temperature sensor.

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