How To Make A V6 Sound Like A V8 – Expert Tips You Should Know

Wondering how to make a V6 sound like a V8?

There are some luxuries in life that are worth looking into, especially if the price is right. One of these is making your V6 sound like a V8 – without shelling out a huge amount of money.

So, how can you make this happen? Is it possible to make your vehicle sound like a V8 at a cheap price and without a labor-intensive process?

We explore on the simple steps to get this done, so you can add some pizzazz to your car’s engine.

how to make a v6 sound like a v8

How To Make A V6 Sound Like A V8

If you have always wanted to make your V6 engine sound like a V8, there are a few things you can do to make this happen.

With these simple modifications and tinkering around, it is absolutely possible to add some oomph to your engine. Many owners of the V6 engine decide to upgrade it into a V8 with all the configurations that come with it. This way, they can enhance the performance and sound quality of their engine.

Although engine swapping is an option, we do not recommend this. This is why we have the following recommendations in helping your engine have a deeper tone just like a V8.

Here are the things you can do to make this happen:

1. Modifications to your current exhaust system

If what you look for is a quick and simple fix to modify your engine, then this is one thing you can do. V8 engines have dual exhaust systems, which are responsible for delivering a louder and more aggressive sound when you hit it on high rev.

Some people opt to go for an aftermarket dual exhaust system installation to their V6 engine to achieve the sound and horsepower of your current engine.

To install a dual exhaust system, you need to do the following:

  • Lift your vehicle and unbolt the stock exhaust system. Detach the system from the headers.
  • Install your new dual exhaust system and connect to the headers.
  • Replace your stock headers with compatible aftermarket headers.

Do keep in mind that headers are essential components of the exhaust system. You may upgrade it by installing your new performance headers to your current V6 engine’s exhaust system.

The good thing about aftermarket headers is that they ensure better air flow to your exhaust. When there is more airflow, this ensures a louder and more aggressive exhaust sound similar to a V8 engine.

2. Install aftermarket performance headers.

If you decide to put new aftermarket performance headers, you need to locate your existing stock headers. Unbolt and remove these and pleace the brand new aftermarket headers. Test the sound as you spin the key to your ignition.

3. Replace with an aftermarket muffler.

Another option to consider is to replace your existing muffler with aftermarket ones. Mufflers are legal requirements in most states and these are part of the vehicle’s exhaust system. So, if you want to replace your existing mufflers, there is no need to replace your exhaust system to turn your V6 into a V8.

Simply remove the stock muffler and put in the performance muffler. This is a more cost-effective and easier option for doing modifications to your V6 engine.

When installing a performance muffler, locate your stock muffler and detach it from your exhaust system. Install the new ones in the exact location, and that’s it – you’re good to go.

Some folks opt for a straight-through type of muffler to achieve a throaty and deeper rumble on their engine. It is not quite similar to a V8 but you can simply go for a performance muffler in place of your existing ones for a quick and easy fix.

However, there is one caveat to this modification option. You need to make sure that you are not bypassing any state laws by doing this. Removing your car’s muffler is a breach-breaking act in many states. So, it is important to know your best options while abiding by the law when you decide to go down this route.

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Bottom Line

Making a V6 sound like a V8 is something that many hobbyists are keen to learn more about. The V6 engine does produce a rather underrated sound, which is why there is a growing popularity to modify it to achieve a throaty and deep sound common in a V8 engine.

By giving these tips a try and following the steps we have included, you should be able to modify your V6 engine the way you want it while ensuring favorable results that would not break the bank – or state laws – where you are.

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    • Hi Mafoa,

      The sound of a four-stroke engine is determined by various factors such as the number of cylinders, the size of the engine, the exhaust system, and the tuning of the engine. To make a four-stroke engine sound like a V8, you can try the following:

      Install an aftermarket exhaust system: A performance exhaust system can give your four-stroke engine a deeper and more aggressive sound.

      Change the intake system: Upgrading your air intake system can improve airflow to the engine, which can create a louder and more pronounced engine sound.

      Modify the engine tuning: Adjusting the timing, fuel delivery, and other parameters of the engine can change its sound.

      Add a sound generator: There are sound generator devices that can be installed to simulate the sound of a V8 engine. These devices can be programmed to create different engine sounds, including V8-like sounds.

      It is important to note that modifying your engine or exhaust system can affect your vehicle’s performance and may not be legal in some areas. It is best to consult with a professional mechanic or tuner before making any modifications to your engine or exhaust system.

      Have a nice day.


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