How To Fix System Off To Save Battery – Crucial Tips You Should Know

You may have decided to check out this post because you would like to know how to fix system off to save battery.

If your vehicle is showing this notification, this means that your battery is starting to drain. There are many reasons why the system can show this message such as a faulty battery or some damages to it, as well as a poorly-installed battery in your truck.

When you see the system off to save battery message, your battery is draining because the charging systems are not working as they should. There may be some loose connections of your positive and negative wires. Moreover, there may be problems with your alternator, which is why your battery cannot charge when you have the engine turned off.

And also, it is important to take into consideration the harsh weather conditions that tend to cause corrosion and damage to your battery. Thus, you are receiving the system off to save battery warning signs to immediately replace your battery before it deteriorates even more and causes more damage to the battery.

Keep reading to find out what you should do when you see this warning message to prevent having further concerns with it. 

how to fix system off to save battery

How To Fix System Off To Save Battery

When you have a low voltage in your battery, the immediate thing to do is to turn off your accessories such as the AC, LED screen, radio and headlamps. These use up battery, which is the last thing you should be doing when you have the warning message show up.

Keep in mind that when you have a worn out or old battery, this supplies less power to your engine. The worst thing that can happen is getting stuck on the road, which is very inconvenient.

Here are among the reasons why you see the system off to save battery warning and what you can do about it.

1. Low and old battery

When you see the system off to save battery message, it means your battery’s voltage has dropped. This is why you may be having a hard time starting your engine and there is a very weak sound every time you start it. 

Some people may have also accidentally left their headlights on while parked. Thus, the battery continues to use up power. This is why the system may shut down due to having insufficient power supply. 

On the other hand, if you continue to keep your engine on even if your battery is already low, your vehicle may become less efficient, which means the system may fail completely. This is why you should check for any loose connections in your system and protect your wiring, fuses and electrolytes level from damage.

Moreover, your battery may be old, which is why it takes more effort to start your engine. It is also unable to maintain the required amount of charge. In this case, you will have to replace your battery.

2. Battery requiring a replacement

You know that your battery needs to be replaced when there are some signs showing up including an increased need for jumpstarting, dimmer headlights, cranking, and backfiring. This is why you can also see the system off to save battery message on your screen.

What this means is that you have a worn battery, which is also why it fails to charge properly. Do keep in mind that batteries do not last a long time, this is why you need to get a replacement when problems with starting the vehicle start to emerge.

This often happens with vehicles that are parked in one place for a long time. The battery begins to drain, which also happens when you only drive for short distances. This shortens the lifespan of your battery as it fails to charge fully.

There are also some vehicles that come with a battery monitoring sensor. This comes in quite handy when it comes to monitoring temperature and voltage once installed on your battery’s negative terminal.

Also, you may have replaced your battery but forgot to reset your BMS system. Hence, it fails to recognize the replaced battery, which is why the older data is still saved.

You need to have your BMS reset by simply turning the truck on. Switch your rear fog lamp about five times and then switch your hazard thrice. Then, you should see three blinks to the battery symbol, which means you have completely reset the BMS.

3. Human Error

There are some people who make a mistake or leave the internal lights on for several hours or have failed to close the door properly. This is why the battery begins to drain and the system off to save battery sign appears.

You may have problems with turning your vehicle on the next day since there is an on–going usage of power from your battery even with the engine turned off. Moreover, the battery may wear out when there is insufficient water level or you have filled it too much, which leads to corrosion.

So, it is best to check your internal lights and door before leaving your car. Be sure that the lights are all off and the door is closed properly to avoid using up your battery’s power unnecessarily.

4. Alternator Issues

Your vehicle relies on the alternator for restoring power by providing power to it. However, the alternator may start to show some issues when you leave the engine on. You may also have a bad diode in your alternator, which causes the instrument panel lights to flicker or your headlights to dim.

When there are faults to your alternator, it is best to replace it or get it repaired. This way, you can have your battery charging properly again.

5. Parasitic battery drain

There may be some components in your vehicle that constantly use up power from your battery even when not necessary. This is why a parasitic battery drain happens. These include accessories such as your alarm system, clock, radio, and so on. So, it is best to inspect all of these components and turn them off when not needed.

Final Thoughts

When you see the message system off to save battery show up on your screen, it is best to stop driving and contact help to get your battery replaced. Your battery may have gone weak or has failed to charge because of certain issues we have just mentioned in this post. So, it is best to avoid these mistakes and promptly replace your battery to prevent yourself from getting stranded on the road.

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