How Often Do You Change Oil In A Diesel Truck? Key Facts You Should Know

Some people ask us – “How often do you change oil in a diesel truck?”

Diesel vehicles are known for fuel efficiency, better power, good price point, and performance. This is why it makes sense to know how often you need to get your oil changed and other things involved in this process to ensure the right process.

If you are looking to get your diesel truck’s oil changed, consider this guide to help you do it the right way and to avoid any problems along the way.

how often do you change oil in a diesel truck

How Often Do You Change Oil In A Diesel Truck

Diesel trucks require oil change at the right time. The frequency depends on the mileage. If you only drive at a short distance, then the engine oil will accumulate some dirt. This is why the quality will become not as good as before.

There are a few factors that impact the frequency of oil change in a diesel truck. These include the terrain and weather in which you are driving your vehicle, whether you haul heavy loads or tow a trailer, and the kind of oil you use such as full synthetic, synthetic blend, or conventional.

Your driving habits also have an impact on how often your oil needs to be changed. When you drive your truck for short trips just around town, a more frequent oil change is needed. But if you travel on the highway at faster speeds, then oil change is not as often.

Because of contaminants that build up in the oil, which happens when you drive at slow speeds, this results in the need to change your oil more frequently. On the other hand, driving in hotter temperatures and at higher speeds would mean fewer needs for an oil change.

Diesel trucks that have a moderate towing capacity need to get the oil changed for every 5000 to 7000 miles traveled. And if you tow heavy loads on a regular basis, a more frequent oil change is needed. It is also important to consult the manual for updated information on what your particular vehicle requires when it comes to changing the oil.

What You Should Know About Diesel Engines

what you should know about diesel engines

Diesel engines need regular maintenance just as with traditional gas engines. During the maintenance process, your engine oil is changed to make sure that your vehicle runs smoothly.

Just like any truck or vehicle that is powered by gas, your diesel engine needs the right level of lubrication to make sure everything is in good working condition. When it comes to a synthetic type of diesel oil change, this should last long without needing to drain it.

The most common synthetic diesel options include Mobil 1 and Amsoil. However, you should not forgo the need to change the diesel oil simply because you may do so. It is important to consult your mechanic to make sure that you know exactly when the synthetic oil you are using can last.

In terms of oil change, there are aspects you need to know such as drain intervals, brand options, and cost. This is why you need to be aware of this to avoid delaying the need to change your truck’s oil.

When it comes to cost, an oil change for your diesel truck should cost you about $50 to as much as $70. It is a bit steeper than gas-powered vehicles, which only runs from $20 to $30. If you prefer to use synthetic oil, then it is more expensive for an oil change for your diesel engine. That is because diesel fuel is generally costlier than petroleum.

But ultimately, the price point is affected by the place where you get the oil changed. It can be cheaper or more expensive, depending on where it is done.

Changing Oil In A Diesel Truck

changing oil in a diesel truck

In case you prefer to change the oil yourself, this process is quite like what you do with a gas-powered truck.

First, get the drain plug removed with a wrench. You need to use an oil filter wrench, as well as a few other tools such as a big oil pan and new oil filter. The diesel oil should be the right amount needed to replace your old one.

Warm the rig up for a few minutes. This should loosen your oil, then shut it off, followed by removing the drain plug. Once you have drained the oil, you can remove your oil filter, as well as the gasket. Replace the old oil with the new one and place the drain plug back. Then, fill up your engine with the required level of diesel oil.

In case you don’t have a brand new engine, it should be fine to use synthetic oil. This should also make the interval longer.

Overall, an oil change for diesel engines is similar to a regular oil change. The components are quite the same but the required interval per each oil change varies. The cost may also vary depending on where you get this process done.

In terms of the oil filter used for the diesel truck, it is not very different from a gasoline one. When you change the oil, you can also replace the filter. Another option is to simply clean it out. Since newer oil filters are pint-sized unlike the quart-sized in older models, then they’re a different style.

Plus, diesel engines need a more frequent change of oil, yet the quality of oil is superior as in the past years. The most important thing is that you change the diesel oil filter as often as possible.

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Wrap Up

When it comes to changing oil in a diesel truck, it depends on your driving habits and whether you are hauling heavy loads regularly. It can be every 5000 miles to as much as 7000 miles. Be sure to follow your manufacturer’s requirements when it comes to oil change and use the right oil as prescribed to ensure the performance of your vehicle and prevent issues over time.

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