Honda Clarity Base Vs Touring – What’s Your Better Option?

Our Honda Clarity base vs touring should help you decide which option works best for you.

Should you just opt for the base? Or is touring much better, despite the extra expense?

If you are torn between these options, then this comparison between the two should help you out. Let’s learn more about the key features of these options and what ends up being the better choice.

honda clarity base vs touring

Honda Clarity Base Vs Touring

The touring includes leather seats, power seats driver, steering, navigation, and front passenger. There is also the ability to cool or pre-heat your vehicle remotely. 

But overall, touring certainly includes leather, navigation, passenger seat, and leather-covered steering wheel. 

Remote climate can be found on both the Honda Clarity base and touring, and this can be accessed with the remote or through the Honda Link app.

For the most part, the difference between these two options all boils down to what you value the most. If you think that having power seats and leather interior is important for you, then you will have to pay extra as these are options you get with the Honda Clarity touring. Otherwise, you can forego these features and just opt for the base model.

But then again, there is the convenience that comes with navigation and power seats. Now, to get these, you will have to opt for touring. But then, it is an extra thousand or so dollars. 

Yet, there is definitely something good about the memory seats you can get, which is an extra perk than just having the power seats. The good-looking suede trim for your dashboard and also the doors is also a plus. With these add-ons, any Honda Clarity vehicle does obtain a more upscale appeal.

The Touring’s 5-year price on a purchase may only end up being $1500 on your 3-year lease, the total difference is close to the $3000 difference in the model price. This makes it about $1000 per year as compared to the $300 projected yearly price on your purchase.

It is important to note that not all people may be fine with leather seats in their vehicles. For instance, if you live in a hot and humid place, then having leather seats ends up being uncomfortable. So, the seat can be an issue instead of being a plus point. 

This is one of the reasons why there are people who settle on the base trim. Even without the navigation, you can always use the apps in your phone. So, in the end, the base model should be fine. The seat also adjusts easily, although it is only a manual adjust. Some people even prefer this method instead of the slow adjustment that the touring model has for the power seats.

Not all people also have the same taste when it comes to music, maps and phone apps, which is why it does not appear to be useful to have the navigation function in the touring model. Just plug your phone in to use your own preferred interface.

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Bottom Line

honda clarity base vs touring

Overall, the touring model offers the perk of having leather seats and power seats, as well as leather on the steering wheel. Then, there is pre-conditioning included, which is helpful when you want to cool or heat your vehicle interior without having to leave the car.

But if you can do without these features, then the base model should work just fine. The manual adjust for the seats works and the interior does not look bad. The leather components just give your car a more upscale feel but it is not important for some people.

Also, touring can be more expensive upfront. Yet, this also allows you to sell your car quickly and at a good price. So, at the end of the day, the choice is up to you whether you are willing to spend more for the extras or you can settle with the basic features that work just fine.

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