Gm 2.7 Turbo Engine Problems That You Never Knew

There are quite a number of GM 2.7 turbo engine problems that owners have reported over time.

When it comes to the GM 2.7, it is pretty much a reliable and robust engine. You can expect to reach your destination at the shortest time possible… And in style.

But now, there are some cases when it fails, which can be a real pain to deal with.

What are these issues and what can you do about these? Keep reading to find out more about the causes and possible solutions to these GM 2.7 turbo problems.

gm 2.7 turbo engine problems

GM 2.7 Turbo Engine Problems

The GM 2.7 turbo engine is a four-cylinder and turbocharged gas engine that was initially introduced in 2019 for the Chevy Silverado 1500 as well as the GMC Sierra 1500 in 2019. It was designed for use in particular for full-sized pick-up trucks.

The engine has a liberally-ribbed, deep-skirt cylinder block made of die-cast aluminum equipped with iron liners. There is a 4.01-inch piston stroke that offers a stable low-end torque. The only downside to this is the increase in vibrations.

So, to retain the smoothness, there is a dual balance shaft mechanism added in to the engine block. There is also a forged steel crankshaft to the engine block, with tri-metal bearings and hardened journals.

Moreover, the crankshaft has an offset position, which minimizes friction from the side-loading of the piston. Speaking of pistons, these components are crafted from lightweight aluminum and there are fully-machined cast-iron ring carriers and crowns. Through oil spray squirters, these cool the pistons.

Above the engine block is a cylinder head made of aluminum alloy with 16 valves and high-tumble, robust combustion chambers, as well as camshafts with a dual-overhead. A copper alloy exhaust valve guide is used for the cylinder head. There are also three operating modes for the sliding cam valve lift system such as low lift, active fuel management and high lift mode. When in the high lift mode, this keeps the cylinders active and with open valves to the maximum lift.

As for the low lift, the intake valve opening duration is reduced to minimize fuel consumption on a medium load.

And lastly, the AFM mode has cylinders 2 and 3 will be deactivated, thus minimizing fuel usage, especially in light load situations. The exhaust sides and intake have constantly variable valve timing.

With the new GM 2.7-liter engine, this aims to replace the 4.3-liter. There is 9 percent additional horsepower and 14 percent greater torque while the weight is 90 pounds less and with a 13 percent less fuel consumption.

Emissions are better as compared to its predecessor. However, the 2.7 liter engine by GM has a lower performance level, in comparison with the one by Ford, which offers 325 horsepower and 400 pound feet of torque.

So overall, the GM 2.7 turbo engine appears to be rather impressive. However, there are some issues to take note of, which can impact your overall experience in driving your vehicle. Among these are the following:

1. Reduced Fuel Economy

The most typical issue with the GM 2.7 is the bad fuel economy. When you drive around with your truck that is powered by such a powerful engine, you will be disappointed to know that the gas mileage is not as great.

While the engine appears to be quite robust, there is still an issue with lower fuel economy with it. There is only around 19.6 miles of fuel per gallon that you can expect from this engine. It is quite a low mile per gallon outcome. So, when there is an increase in fuel prices, you can quickly feel the negative impact as you drive this vehicle.

2. Weaker Power

Do you want to get more power out of your vehicle? If you are the type of driver who demands more power for the vehicle, in addition to great mileage and reaching your destination safely and conveniently, then this is something that you cannot achieve from the GM2.7 turbo engine.

For instance, the power you can get from the 2.7 turbo is not quite impressive. Sure, there is a solid boost to the turbo, yet it may appear to be slower than what you want it to be.

But at the same time, there are some folks out there who may say it is sufficient enough for their needs. Yet for a power driver, this may lack in appeal.

3. Availability Issues

Initially, just the issue itself with the GM 2.7 turbo engine being weaker in power and poorer in fuel economy may be unsatisfactory enough for those who were initially thinking of buying a Chevy Silverado with this engine. Yet, there is also the issue with availability and supply of stocks to take note of.

Because of some chip shortages, it is not quite easy to find the GM 2.7 turbo engine, and there are only two trims available at this time of writing, which are the LT 2FL and the Custom.

So combined with the issues mentioned above and this problem with actually being able to purchase this turbo engine, this brings about more concerns for potential customers.

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Final Word

The GM 2.7 turbo engine surely packs a punch when it comes to other aspects such as the increase in torque and horsepower. Yet, at the same time, there are evident issues to take note of including lower fuel economy, loss of power, and availability concerns with this engine.

When you consider all of these other aspects, it is something that requires much thought before you purchase this turbo engine. It is always best to analyze the pros and cons and determine if the positives outweigh the negatives to help you come up with a sound purchasing decision.

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  1. i would only buy one so availability is unimportant. I’ll wait. I want a reg cab short box. I have no other option so the 2.7 liter it is.

  2. gm is actually owned by china the biggest copycats around they are trying to copy the toyota tacoma with there colorado n canyon instead of making there own idenity in the market toyota is still the number 1 off road vechile . u got to ask yourself do u really need a rock climbing truck im in the midwest i might need a truck to pull a trailer or a boat . the odds of anyone driving thru the tetons or the mojave dessert are few n between . i need a comfortable truck that rides nice dont need a ride that makes u feel every bump n rattles your brain if im to go off road ill get atv thats what there made for.


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