Freightliner Smartshift Problems – Causes And How To Fix

Do you worry about some freightliner smartshift problems?

When it was initially introduced, the freightliner smartshift was intended to provide more freedom and ease to your driving. It is also a big shift ahead when it comes to automated mechanical transmission systems.

It is basically mounted to your steering column, offering you a quick and easy way to shift, which is why you can minimize your fatigue that usually comes with conventional types of a gear-shift transmission.

But what if problems arise because of this innovative feature? What are these common issues and how do you address them? Let’s discuss these below.

freightliner smartshift problems

Freightliner Smartshift Problems

With the smartshift technology, you can expect numerous benefits when you drive including the ease in operating with just a pull or a push of your hand lever, a dash-mounted display, more space in your car as there is no more conventional shift control.

Additionally, you can keep your hands on the wheel when you shift. This also helps to maintain your eyes on the road while at the same time minimizing mental and physical fatigue throughout the drive.

The smartshift is without a doubt convenient, easy to use, worry-free, and efficient, which helps you to focus more on your drive while being in full control of your vehicle. But if you decide to put it in manual mode, you can still shift with ease with just a pull or a push of your hand lever.

We also like to add the fact that with smartshift, you can expect to achieve better fuel economy. You can shift your gears at the most ideal torque and engine speed, which impacts greater efficiency.

As it comes with a dash-mounted display, this offers you valuable information on your engaged gear, as well as the available gears. You can maintain the desired momentum and avoid common issues with traditional shifting systems such as accidentally missing your gear while you shift.

Although there are so many outstanding benefits to the Freightliner smartshift, some issues do arise from this system. For instance, some drivers report of problems with keeping the smartshift engaged, and there have been jamming in the gears.

If this is the case, you may need to adjust the shift linkage, as this can be causing the problem. Moreover, the transmission motor may need a readjustment, and this is usually the first step to deal with the problem. 

You need to look at your transmission under your vehicle. There is a small motor that has 3 bolts, which is on the right hand portion. You will have to loosen your bolts, yet do not remove. Open your ignition but without starting the car. Then, turn the ignition off and tighten your bolts. 

Start your vehicle and see if this fixes the problem. But if the issue persists, you may have a concern with your clutch, which has to be replaced.

Another concern encountered with the smartshift is that the codes appear – the 3D-E7 and the SM. After going to the mechanic to have the problem solved, they were unable to diagnose anything. It appears that while the codes may be read, these are inactive. 

One suggestion for this is by hooking the transmission up to the computer and checking the codes. In some cases, the codes may appear and the vehicle can still run only to have recurring issues with the transmission. 

Additionally, you may want to check the clutch, as it may also be a problem. The same holds true where the battery, which may need to be replaced. There are also cases when you may need to shut your entire battery system off, and then wait for about 10 seconds before you begin the startup procedure one more time. 

If this does not work, you will need to pump your brakes, push your parking brake in until this pops out, and then turn the batteries off and then back on. This should cause the memory to reset, and it may be able to recognize the gears.

Final Thoughts

Freightliner smartshift problems do arise sometimes, no matter how sophisticated this technology may be. This is why it is important to diagnose the issue correctly to determine the best method you can do to address it.

Or, you can take your vehicle to a certified mechanic who can look into the issue further and provide the right solution that will solve the problem once and for all.

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