Ford Edge Wheel Bearing Recall – Important Things You Should Know!

You may have heard of the Ford Edge wheel bearing recall in the news.

And this leaves you wondering – is the Ford Edge a reliable vehicle, or are you better off with something else? 

Perhaps you are looking to buy your very first SUV, and you want to make sure that it is dependable and good for the price. But at the same time, you have some worries about the wheel bearing recall for this vehicle.

So, is the Ford Edge still worth it? Or should you keep looking? If you are on the fence about it, then let’s get right into it and learn more about this vehicle. Here we go!

ford edge wheel bearing recall

Ford Edge Wheel Bearing Recall 

There were quite a few people who have experienced some concerns with their Ford Edge wheel bearing. For instance, the wheel bearing, as well as hub failures, are commonly the case. Now, for folks who have about 57,000 miles on their vehicle, they have inquired from their dealer if the powertrain warranty offers coverage to the wheel bearing. 

This is important, especially if this component needs to be replaced because of the on-going problems it is presenting. 

For instance, there were reports by owners that a humming sound was evident in their vehicle. It appears to get louder as they accelerate, which means it is most definitely not coming from the exhaust. Thus, it is most likely a wheel bearing issue. 

To address this concern, a replacement of the rear wheel bearings could help solve it. The first set, when replaced at about 50,000 should still be under warranty. But more than that, it may no longer be covered. 

The replacement part appears to be an updated or better version of the knuckle, as well as the bearing. While it is certainly a design concern, this component should last a long time. But at the same time, it is unlikely for the wheel bearing to fail when under 100,000 miles. Yet, there is a likelihood that the bearing is simply bad or there were a few other defects linked with the installation.

Nevertheless, if the bearing has a proper design, then it should not fail right away. This is why there is a growing concern on the Ford Edge wheel bearing recall. 

Ford Edge – Is It Worth It?

For the most part, the Ford Edge has garnered good reviews from users. It has been regarded as a reputable make and model of vehicle because of its practicality and fuel economy. But overall, it is designed to last a long time. Many owners claim to have zero concerns with their Ford Edge even at more than 200,000 miles. But this is, of course, considering that regular maintenance service is implemented. 

While it is a reliable vehicle, there are still some issues that come with it. In addition to the wheel bearing problem we have mentioned earlier, there is also the issue with faulty airbags. For instance, the airbags appear to be malfunctioning, which is a huge safety concern among drivers. When the airbags do not inflate as needed, this puts drivers in a very dangerous situation. This is why a replacement must be made, which you can get for free if your vehicle’s airbags are recalled. 

Next, there is the concern with a malfunctioning brake booster. What this means is that the diaphragm portion of the brake booster may have a tear because of harsh driving conditions. This is why you may hear odd, hissing sounds whenever you step on your brake pedal. As time goes by, this tear can get bigger, which makes braking tougher. As a result, Ford has provided an extended warranty coverage for repair work on the brake booster but only one time. This applies to vehicles with 150,000 miles or 10 years

Then, there is the annoying clicking sound coming from the wheel area. It is typical among vehicles at about 75,000 miles. There are even owners who report getting their vehicles inspected by a mechanic, yet not finding any problem. This issue typically occurs to the wheel, positioned on the passenger’s side front. So, to get this issue remedied, it is imperative that you replace the plastic cladding when it is loose.

An electrical issue is also likely to arise, although it is not very common. This concern may cause a wide range of malfunctions to interior components such as bluetooth or sunroof problems. But the most common would be the door ajar light that when ignored can result in further issues such as battery draining and accidentally leaving the doors unlocked. 

This issue is often triggered by that switch located on your door latch mechanism, so the door can appear to be unlocked to its ECU.But another concerning issue is that this can result in further components breaking down. Your dome lights may be able to turn on but the key fob is non-responsive, so the doors are unable to be locked.

Usually, the cost of repair is at $400, but this still depends on the labor cost and price of parts. 

Do you notice your air conditioning is overheating? If so then it is an issue with many 2011 Ford Edge. The AC may even blow warm air and during the hotter weather, it might not work at all. This is typically observed when you have about 120,000 miles on your vehicle. By replacing your timing belt and cooling fan should get this issue fixed. Just keep in mind that the price may be as steep as $1,700 or more, depending on the components, labor, and different price of parts.


When you hear about the Ford Edge wheel bearing recall, this can be quite a concerning issue. There are also a few other problems with the Ford Edge worth knowing, so you can troubleshoot these issues accordingly. But overall, when it comes to dependability, practicality, and bang for the buck, the Ford Edge fits the bill.

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