Engine Swap Cost V6 To V8 – Costs and Tips To Remember

Thinking about the engine swap cost V6 to V8 and other things to consider?

Most importantly, can you put a V8 engine in a V6 car, anyway?

What does it cost to replace your car’s or truck’s engine? And what are the things to be concerned about before you conduct this process? We are here to answer these questions and many more related to it. Let’s get started.

Can You Put A V8 Engine In A V6 Car?

can you put a v8 engine in a v6 car

There are a few factors to consider in answering this question.

For instance, we need to think about the complexity and size of your engine, as well as the shop rate, which includes the labor costs and service fees. There is also the concern with having a new engine or rebuilding one or replacing it with a used engine, and all of these impact the fees.

But in a nutshell, new engines typically cost about $4,000 for a 4-cylinder while it is going to cost about $5,500 V6 engines. On the other hand, expect a ballpark cost of around $7,000 for a brand new V8 engine.

Again, the prices depend on the engine’s complexity and car make or model. Expect to pay a higher amount for a high-performance engine that you wish to install in a luxury car than in an economy car produced locally.

Generally, a used engine is cheaper. It should not cost you over $1000. The price is impacted by the mileage on your engine and the age of your car. If you are buying an imported engine, then you have to factor in the shipping costs, as well.

There are risks with buying a used engine, though. Most junkyards provide a warranty for a short period of time, yet labor fees are not included. In case the engine fails to function well, you still have to pay for the shop mechanic’s time, along with any billable hours needed to get it up and running.

With this in mind, you are better off with a rebuilt engine. What this means is that the rebuilt engine returns the item to the manufacturer. Although the engine is not brand new, the moving parts that were worn out are replaced. The same holds true with gaskets and seals.

Thus, you can rest assured knowing that the engine is bound to function well, along with a prolonged lifespan. The warranty is also better than what you can get from used parts manufacturers.

Now, along with confidence comes a certain fee. Rebuilt engines cost about $2,500, as compared to a used one that’s under a thousand dollars. However, it is still significantly cheaper than brand new engines, without a doubt.

Labor Cost For Engine Replacement

The cost varies from one situation to another but we can give you an idea about the rough estimate you can expect for the price.

For instance, an average engine should take about 10 to 12 hours. If you hire a skilled mechanic, easy engine replacement situations should not take longer than 8 hours. But with bigger and more complex jobs, it should last for up to 15 hours tops.

So, you can figure out the labor costs and total fees involved by multiplying the quoted length of time with the price per hour. Some shops charge $90 on a per-hour basis while others can go as steep as $150.

The lower-end rate should be about $110 to $150 per hour, which means the total labor cost can go to $1,100 up to $1,800.

You should also think about other replacement costs involved.

In addition to the new engine, you will need to purchase coolant Freon, oil, and a few other fluids to get your new engine up and running.

There are also other components that add to the cost such as the fuel pump, intake and exhaust manifolds, pulleys, tensioners, hoses, and belts. As it is, the labor included for you to replace these parts exceeds the amount of the part, quite significantly in some cases.

This is why it is best to contact your mechanic to learn more about ancillary parts that need to be replaced and only go for a route that is practical for your budget.

Additional Considerations

Once you have determined the overall cost, you may want to think about the after-effects of this engine swap. There are repairs needed to be done in the future, so you want to make sure that your budget allows for these costs.

You need to think about your current investment in your vehicle. So, you might want to check in if the mileage and age of your car make it worth it to get a new engine. As your vehicle ages, there will be failures to the components. The price involved with these potential replacements need to be kept in mind.

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Bottom Line

engine swap cost v6 to v8

Overall, an engine swap cost varies from one engine to another. Some can pay as low as $1,000 on a used engine while others need to allot about $7,000, depending on whether the engine is new or rebuilt, along with labor costs.

Hence, it is best to know your options, doctor in the different fees involved and whether it is worth it considering how old your car is and the condition it currently is in, before you make a decision.

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