Does Idling A Car Charge The Battery?

Does idling a car charge the battery? You may not know these things, which could be hurting or helping your vehicle.

Thus, it is very important to understand what exactly happens when you idle your car and the impact on the battery.

So, read along to discover more about these key facts and what you can do about it.

does idling a car charge the battery

Does Idling A Car Charge The Battery?

There are some people who tend to leave their battery in the car even when not being used for a while.

Does it really help to let your vehicle sit in the garage? Obviously, it will help you to save gas but what exactly does it do to the battery?

Generally, cars that have been on idle for a while – months or even a year – can negatively impact the battery by losing its charge. This is why you want to keep the juice running, or you are facing more expensive issues over time.

By letting the car sit on idle for an extended period, this causes the charge to run out. After all, cars rely on a series of systems that end up using your vehicle’s battery when not in use. Hence, the battery loses its power and the charge it once had.

How To Prevent The Battery From Losing A Charge

how to prevent the battery from losing a charge

Thankfully, there are certain things you can do to prevent the battery from being discharged. One thing you can do – and it is a very easy solution – is to drive your car. This helps to recharge the battery, even if you are only going for a quick 20-minute ride around the neighborhood.

But in the event that you cannot possibly do this, then you can simply keep the battery charged by using a special device. A battery tender is basically a device that lets you attach it to the terminals of your battery. There are a couple of claws you hook up to the terminals, kind of like how you do it with jumper cables.

Once set up, this plugs right into your standard 120-volt power outlet. Hence, this delivers electricity to maintain the charge in your battery.

But if you would rather not buy this device, then you can simply recharge the battery by giving them a couple of minutes to run after starting the engine. About 20 minutes should be fine, which restarts the battery.

In the case of modern cars, these usually have advanced battery management systems that extend battery life. But the only downside is that these limit the vehicle’s charging ability when at a low RPM. So, you would want to run your car at a higher speed to get more charge than you need.

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Final Thoughts On Car Battery Charge

Cars are not made to sit idle for a long time. After all, the engine makes the oil contaminated at a faster rate. This is why as time goes by, exhaust particles increase and cause the engine to carbon-up and minimize the performance while increasing the emissions.

Typically, car batteries should last between 3 and 5 years. But this depends on your driving style, weather conditions, and how often you drive the car. Make it a point to have your vehicle inspected by a professional after sitting idle for a while. Better yet, be sure to start the engine or drive your car even at a short distance to make sure the charge remains in the battery.

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