Cummins N14 Engine Position Sensor Problems – All You Need To Know!

Do you worry about some Cummins N14 engine position sensor problems?

The engine position sensor measures your vehicle’s RPM and the position of your engine crankshaft. So, without this component, your engine will not be able to start.

Modern vehicles have so many sensors, which make sure that it operates as it should. However, with all of these complex electronics to provide a more powerful and efficient vehicle, this can be something to worry about when problems occur.

So, if you think you have Cummins N14 engine position sensor problems, it may help to take a look at the common symptoms that come with it to prevent things from getting worse. Let’s get started.

cummins n14 engine position sensor problems

Signs Of Cummins N14 Engine Position Sensor Problems

When you have a bad engine position sensor, you should be able to observe a wide range of symptoms that come with it. Here are some signs to pay close attention to and what you can do about these:

1. Check engine light

When you have a bad engine position sensor, then you may notice that your check engine light is illuminated. But there are also other reasons behind this light switching on such as some performance issues. So, it is best to have your vehicle inspected when you have the check engine light turned on since there may be some components that are not performing at their optimal rate or may even be damaged.

2. Engine vibrations

Normally, your truck should be void of engine vibrations when everything is going right about it. However, when there is too much engine vibration, it may be good to check what is happening with your engine position sensor. The sensor may not be optimizing its performance, which is also possibly causing some incorrect readings and not determining the right ignition and fuel timing. 

3. Poor engine performance

With the factors mentioned above, these all contribute to a slower vehicle acceleration and an overall poor engine performance. The default values may be to blame or even wrong values – do keep in mind that anything that is under the normal optimal timing significantly reduces the performance of your truck.

Hence, you need to check your engine position sensor when you experience these issues. When there is a reduction in the engine performance, the fuel economy is also affected. Which is why you are spending more money than you should when you ignore these symptoms.

4. Starting issues

A truck that is difficult to start – or will not start at all – could mean that there is a defect to your engine position sensor. This component may be out of sync, which also prevents the engine from starting. 

You may not notice this issue consistently but if not addressed early on, it can happen more frequently. There may also be other components affected by this problem, which is why getting it checked sooner is the best route to take. 

5. Stalling problems

An engine that keeps on stalling may be linked to a faulty engine position sensor. The ECM tends to send incorrect ignition and fuel timing to the cylinder. While it can take some time before the problem becomes this worse, there may be some damages occurring that will cost you more money later on. And most importantly, you may need to have your engine position sensor replaced eventually, which is quite expensive.

Engine Position Sensor Issues And Cost

cummins n14 engine position sensor problems

Your engine position sensor is a critical component of your vehicle. When there is a need to replace it because of severe damage, it can cost you several hundreds of dollars for the parts and labor. This is why when you encounter symptoms of damage, it is best to get these remedied early on instead of waiting until things get worse.

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Wrapping Up

Your truck may struggle – or even fail – to run when there are engine position sensor problems. The engine is unable to start since the spark plugs do not receive the message when these should fire. 

For the most part, there is no definitive length of time when the sensor can last. It all depends on various conditions such as the sensor manufacturer, vehicle’s condition, and your driving habits. But generally, these components should last the lifetime of your vehicle, yet you will have to replace these when they have gone bad. 

Make it a point to pay close attention to the different engine position sensor problems we have mentioned in this post. There are always signs that come with this problem, which is why addressing these during the early onset can help to prevent things from getting worse over time.

Keep in mind that your engine position sensor is crucial to being able to start your engine and ensuring a smooth and effortless performance. So, have these issues resolved right away to prevent inconveniences and further damage to your vehicle’s crucial components.

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