Cat C15 Twin Turbo Vs Single – Which One Is Better?

If you cannot decide between the two, then this Cat C15 twin turbo vs single turbo can help you make an informed decision.

While one may be better for some than the other kind, there are important considerations to keep in mind, which can impact your decision. So, it helps to be completely aware of what to expect, so you do not end up committing an expensive mistake.

Today, we will discuss the difference between the Cat C15 twin turbo and the single turbo, as well as some common Cat single turbo conversion problems you need to be aware of. Let’s jump right into it.

cat c15 twin turbo vs single

Cat C15 Twin Turbo Vs Single 

Turbocharged vehicles offer optimum power even if they have smaller engines. You can also optimize no matter what type of vehicle with your turbo setup. This means that you can go for a twin or single turbo. It is a matter of knowing what your needs are, and which turbo works best for you. 

Single Turbo

In the case of a single turbo, you will find this to be smaller and more cost-effective than the twin. The power band is greater, which means you can expect more horsepower and it builds boost slower, too. Thus, if you want to maximize your car’s performance, it is worth looking into a single turbo for it. Moreover, it works well when there is not much space available under the hood since it is more compact. 

Twin Turbo

On the other hand, a twin turbo means it is bulkier. This is why you would need to have more space for this turbo in your engine. If you are using your vehicle on a daily basis, then a twin turbo should be practical as it needs exhaust from all four cylinders, making it run faster. Hence, if you want to prevent any turbo lag, then a twin turbo is a suitable choice for you.

When it comes to choosing between the two types of turbo, you should determine how your decision can impact the vehicle. You need to weigh your options whether you have a performance vehicle, everyday car, or if you are even ready to deal with practical issues such as space, which is a requirement for a twin turbo.

In the case of a single turbo, the expected gain is at 1.5 MPG – and this also helps to prolong the lifespan of your engine, providing more power and less maintenance needs. This is why there are those who choose to convert to a single turbo because of these benefits. 

Therefore, if you want to experience these key benefits to a single turbo:

  • Increased reliability
  • Longer engine life
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Less maintenance needs
  • Efficient turbo spool-up
  • Sharp throttle response
  • Reduced repair costs
  • Better power delivery and more power
  • Cooler operation

… Then it is worth looking into the possibility of switching over to this kind of turbo. However, it is also just as practical to consider some drawbacks linked with a turbo conversion, which we discuss more in the next section.

Cat Single Turbo Conversion Problems

It may seem like a no-brainer to consider converting to a single turbo. But it is also good to understand some complications that may come with it. 

Converting to a single turbo offers simplicity since you only have to deal with one turbo instead of two, which can often be messy once problems arise. A twin turbo has a low and a high pressure turbo and also has a pre-cooler. The latter cools your compressed air, which the turbos generate. By consolidating to just one turbo, you won’t have to deal with these complications. 

Next up, there is the cost that comes with replacing both of your turbos. When you have a single turbo conversion done, this also needs manifold, assorted hardware and oil lines. But the cost should be less than what you need for a twin turbo. Plus, it is easy to obtain single turbos instead of the twin. This means you can choose from a number of brand and size options for your turbos that are compatible with your vehicle. 

When you have a single turbo, there is an unlimited amount of turbo choices and exhaust housing. The compressor wheel size is also numerous, and you can use this to support a power level needed by your engine. 

However, there are some important pointers to keep in mind when you are converting a single turbo. Some technicians are unaware of the need to adjust the valves correctly, and this compensates for the vehicle’s oil pressure. Ths, you need to really make sure that this is done well, otherwise, there may be a persistent heat problem, which can impact the performance of your vehicle.

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Overall, there are many reasons to choose a single turbo over a twin turbo for your Cat C15. However, it is not straightforward to do a Cat single turbo conversion. There are important points to keep in mind, which will impact the performance of your vehicle.

Therefore, make it a point to visit a specialist who is well-trained and experienced in doing a single turbo conversion. This way, you can make sure that all of the key and pertinent steps are done correctly, so you do not have to deal with inconveniences after the conversion has been completed.

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