What To Do When Your Audi MMI Won’t Turn Off

Do you notice that your Audi MMI won’t turn off?

Perhaps you have recently made a phone call, or you are trying to connect your Bluetooth device. Yet, for some reason the MMI of your vehicle appears to be stuck.

What can you do about this issue?

If you are experiencing these problems, think about the following fixes that may come in handy for your situation. Let’s get started.

audi mmi won't turn off

Audi MMI Won’t Turn Off

The Audi MMI is designed for the vehicle’s navigation and radio system. It basically covers all electronic features of your vehicle such as the satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and phone calling functions.

These are all modules that are in a loop, which are hooked up by fiber optic cabling. If you are experiencing some problems with the MMI, it is best to have a better understanding of how it works, so you can perform the right troubleshooting techniques that will come in handy for you when the need arises.

Audi MMI Black Screen – What To Do

In the case of an Audi MMI black screen, there are a few techniques that can help you work around this problem and get things up and running in no time. Here they are. 

1. Prepare all materials

First things first – be sure to have all the tools you need to get the troubleshooting started. These materials include a T20 Torx screwdriver, multimeter, trim removal tool, and a fiber optic bypass loop. 

Now that you have these ready, you can proceed to the next step.

2. Check your fuse

Usually, the reason why your MMI is not starting up is because of a lack of power. This is why you should first inspect your fuse to know why the MMI does not get the power it needs. Your fuse controls most of the modules of your MMI, and this component is typically found in the left portion of the trunk.

Pry open your trunk’s side panel and check the fuses. Using a multimeter, check your fuses and be sure they are not blown or damaged.

In case the fuses are blown or burned out, then you can go ahead to the second step for the best way to deal with it.

3. Check your amplifier.

As we have mentioned earlier, your entire MMI system is a loop. So, when one of the components fails to work properly, this impacts the whole system. In particular, the amplifier gets impacted as it is in a precarious location.

There are instances where your pipe connected to your rear window washer tends to leak onto your amplifier. So, if you have observed any issues with the MMI immediately after you have used the rear window washer, be sure to check for fluid leaks in your trunk compartment right away.

Thankfully, Audi provides a repair kit for your rear window washer pipe in the event that this problem has happened to you. But at the same time, it may be a bit too late for your amplifier and a replacement may be the only way to get it resolved. So, if you think there is a leak, make it a point to repair any affected components prior to replacing your amplifier.

Once you have installed a new amplifier, you will have to take your vehicle to a dealership and get your amplifier reprogrammed right to your system. But if the issue is not with the amplifier, then you will have to proceed to the next step.

4. Inspect the other modules

It is not only your amplifier that can get damaged. If you have observed that some of the other functions in the MMI system failed to function, then you will have to inspect your other modules individually. 

There is another module found behind your glove box. You will have to release your CD changer to access this component, and the two key tools are needed to disconnect it. Then, you will have to remove some screws along the top portion of the glove box, in addition to another one right behind your side panel.

When you have lowered the glove box, check the interface. Using a fiber optic bypass loop, you can check your modules. First, unplug your fiber optic plug that goes to the module and then plug the fiber optic bypass loop in.  

By doing so, it will cause your system to bypass the module and work without it. When you observe that this has resumed some functionality, then it means this is the module you need to replace.

Just like your amplifier, each time you replace any of the modules of your MMI system, you will have to reprogram it to make sure it works properly. Take your vehicle to the dealership to get this done.

Like the amplifier, whenever you replace one of your MMI system’s modules, you need to take it to the dealership to get it reprogrammed to work properly.

5. Check your button panel.

You may not be quite aware of it, but your button panel found on the center console is another module on your MMI system. This component can also fail easily because of debris or some spilled drinks, which can get into the button and cause some issues. 

Unfortunately, you may not have been able to take the components apart and clean them. However, if you have discovered that the MMI is no longer functioning, then you may have to replace these parts.

6. Replace your main MMI module.

In case the other modules are not at fault at all, then the main MMI module may need to be replaced. It is quite expensive to do, yet this is the only way to get it fixed. So, if you suspect that this is the only way to go, then it is best to take your vehicle to a professional to get it done sooner than later.

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With all these things in mind, it is best to do some troubleshooting and check which component or module is the culprit to resolve this issue with the Audi MMI not turning off.

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