Common Reasons Behind The Acuralink Not Working

Do you notice your Acuralink not working?

When the Acuralink works, there are so many benefits that you can expect from it. After all, this tool provides navigational support while keeping you connected. You can also rely on it for syncing your cloud-based services. Streaming music, checking your email, and getting news updates should be absolutely possible with this tool.

Plus, there are a few other services that you can use this for, which adds to the ease in driving your vehicle. 

So today, we will talk about what to do when your Acuralink is not working and other important things to know about it. 

acuralink not working

Acuralink Quick Facts

The Acuralink offers a number of benefits even if you only opt for the basic package. For instance, you can get helpful guides such as maintenance codes and crucial alerts, as well as a convenient digital version of your vehicle’s manual.

Sometimes, recalls are sent out by manufacturers, and it is important to stay on top of these. With that being said, your Acuralink also allows you to get notifications on your device when your vehicle has an active recall for your safety and peace of mind.

You can also count on some other helpful features including scheduling service to make sure your Acura is running at optimum performance. Roadside assistance, especially when you have issues with your vehicle, is another benefit that you can get from the Acuralink. Get prompt services you need for towing, fuel delivery, tire changes, and others.

With the Acuralink, you can also track key information about your vehicle using the app such as the oil life, fuel range, and mileage. When you need to learn more about your vehicle’s current health report, you can do so with this tool.

And then, you can send a location after searching for it, and do this from your app to the navigation system. You need to have a navigation system in-vehicle for this to work, though. 

In terms of security, there are a few things that you can receive such as an automatic collision notification, emergency call, and enhanced roadside assistance. And with the concierge, you can make and confirm reservations straight from your Acura. 

Acuralink Not Working

We understand that sometimes the Acuralink may fail to work. This is why it helps to know some troubleshooting techniques when these issues come along. By doing so, you should be able to address these problems  correctly and get the result you want.

1. Black or white screen

Do you see nothing but a white or black screen each time you open the Acuralink? This is actually one of the most common issues that people notice, especially when they use an Android operating system. When opening the app and nothing shows up, or perhaps the app tends to crash and you may or may not receive an error message, here are some things you can try.

  • Press your recent app menu in your device
  • Close the app with the issue and re-open
  • Do a hard reboot in your device and opening the app once more
  • Wait until your battery drains and the device turns off automatically. Charge the battery and restart your device
  • Uninstall and re-install the app

2. Acuralink does not work properly or would not load

If you have tried loading your app but only to get server error or a ping problem, or a connection error, then you may consider these things:

  • The app serve is down; try reloading in a bit
  • The mobile data or WiFi connection does not work well
  • There are too many users trying to accessing the app. Wait for a few minutes and try again.

3. Login problems

Perhaps you are able to access the app but cannot login, there are a few reasons behind this.

  • Your internet connection is not working well
  • The login credentials you are typing in are incorrect
  • Some third-party social websites are preventing you from accessing the official website 
  • You have a banned or deactivated account
  • The server is currently down

4. Installation issues

Do you notice some problems with installing the app? If so, you may have these problems:

  • The Wifi is not strong or stable
  • You do not have enough mobile storage space

5. The app is not properly updating in your device

  • You may have poor WiFi connection
  • The app may be currently down
  • You need to free up storage space; other worse, app updates are blocked

6. Video and audio loading issues

  • Check the volume of your vehicle  to see if the audio is affected
  • In the case of a video loading issue, make sure internet connection is fine.

7. Notifications do not work well

Verify first if you have your notifications enabled. Moreover, if you are not getting alerts, you may have muted your app by accident, so you need to turn the sounds on. 

Final Thoughts

There are a number of issues that may come along with the Acuralink not working. We hope we were able to help you with your concerns to get these problems addressed properly and get the answers to your issues straightened out. Then, you can maximize your overall experience in driving your car and getting the amazing benefits that the Acuralink has to offer.

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