2015 International Prostar Problems That You Need To Know

Before investing in this truck model year, it helps to know what the most common 2015 International Prostar problems are, which can impact your decision.

Although the International Prostar is well-known for its dependability, there are some issues that some people experience with this vehicle.

So, we would like to share with you some key issues that owners come across with this model year of the International Prostar – and perhaps you may be able to make a better purchasing decision. Let’s jump right into it.

2015 international prostar problems

2015 International Prostar Problems

For those who are planning on purchasing the 2015 International Prostar, they are keen on learning about the common complaints with this model year. For instance, some folks have experienced not being able to idle their engines as this may burn the pistons out. 

Idling can be a deal-breaker with newer engines, which is why it helps to have a generator or OTR included. Although these have DEF engines, there is still a DPF to it, which is a bit of a drawback. 

Low idling does not necessarily cause fuel to thoroughly burn as compared to running the engine under a load. Moreover, this can even clog up your DPF quickly. 

But you should not have to worry about pistons burning up. This is not common and it is also helpful to contact a Cummins representative when uncertain about it. They should be able to clear things out for you and make sure that you get the answer you need regarding this concern. 

With advanced engines in modern vehicles, there is a reduced concern with the fuel not properly burning. There is also an advancement in the computer, which should easily take care of this issue. 

Furthermore, when you idle, this should not negatively impact your DPF. Once you drive your vehicle, this should clear itself right out. But if you are idle for a couple of days at a time, you may need to perform a parked regen. However, about 10 hours or so should not cause any issue.

However, there may also be some issues with the filter clogging up, but it should eventually clean the buildup on its own eventually. 

Some people who have a brand new ISX in their 2015 International Prostar are able to pull a dry van at about 400 horsepower and with their 10-speed in the OTR application. The power may not be as impressive because of the low end torque being deficient. Also, when you go on a steep incline, you may notice a reduction in the speed and may need to downshift. 

But even if you decide not to downshift, you may still notice a drop in miles per hour.  Yet, overall, the 2015 International Prostar has a quiet engine and an acceptable jake performance. 

Points To Consider

International is one of the most established names in the trucking industry and has been in the business since 1902. With this in mind, you can count on the brand’s dependability and reliability when it comes to producing some of the finest medium and heavy-duty trucks.

We also appreciate the fuel efficiency and power that this brand has to offer. When moving freight and doing special deliveries such as cattle and heavier items, International is indeed a reliable option.

But as for their lifespan, we can most certainly say that it can do well up to 45000 miles per year. With this in mind, it should be good to go for as long as 15 years or even 20 years – this all depends on how well you maintain your truck and its components.

When purchasing a semi truck, you need to consider the horsepower it can offer. When you have a higher horsepower, the engine is stronger and faster. For the 2015 International Prostar, the horsepower is under 300, while recent model years have higher horsepower. 

So, it is best to opt for the latest models of semi truck when you want to get the most performance out of your vehicle. The acceleration is also better, which makes it a more practical choice overall.

You should also consider a higher torque since this is essential when you are towing, hauling, and climbing steep grades. With more torque – just like with horsepower – you can do more with your truck.

Lastly, safety is not an issue at all with the 2015 International Prostar. In fact, this vehicle is designed, built, and manufactured with safety in mind. When it comes to the driver’s seat, noise level and engine, key aspects are taken into special consideration with these trucks. Hence, the entire driving experience is more comfortable and long journeys are never a problem.

Just be sure to get your routine service done by a professional mechanic every 6 months or every 15000 miles in the case of trucks that are used often. It does not matter if the truck appears to be fine or has no damage. Regular maintenance is key to its long life span and can save you from headaches.

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Wrap Up

There may be a few 2015 International Prostar problems that some people complain about, yet overall, you are in good hands with this vehicle. The engine is powerful enough for the load required, and there are safety features that add to its overall value.

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