Cars That Will Save The Nation

The world is becoming an increasingly volatile place; war is common as are random acts of terrorism. It is these acts which can be the most concerning; a well planned attack is likely to be uncovered and destroyed by one of the many government agencies. However a random, one time strike is much harder to protect against. Governments are becoming increasingly concerned with the nation’s reliance on fuel sourced from off shore. Possibly for the first time in history the entire armed forces could be grounded if certain supply lines were cut. […]

The Hydrogen Hype Cars Or No Cars

The U.S. committed to taking a stance on addressing environmental concerns during 2003. $1.2 billion dollars was earmarked for development to begin on a hydrogen infrastructure: essentially a network of facilities running from coast-to-coast that would be responsible for production and distribution of hydrogen to power fuel cell vehicles by the hundreds of millions.


2015 Finally The Year Of The Flying Car

Competition around the world is fierce for the numerous “must-have” new products that hit the shelves or car lots for consumers. As each one is released, competitors work feverishly to roll out their own version as quickly as they can. Corporate espionage is big business, and it’s no big wonder why. The very first to come out what will be termed “the wave of the future” can sit back and look forward to billions of dollars in profits. While the good ideas are getting further and further between for a large variety of product types, there is one niche that has nowhere to go but up — literally.


The Development Of The Hydrogen Car

There is no doubt that pollution has a variety of effects on the environment. Many of these pollutants are from factories and other industry usages. It is understandable how the people feel they can do little to alter this problem. However, automobile emissions are actually one of the major contributors to air pollution. Public pressure and government emissions standards have collaborated to pressure automobile manufacturers into looking at a variety of alternative propulsion methods.


Is An Electric Car A Viable Option For Personal Transport

A true electric car is a car powered by electric motors. The electricity is house in batteries which are recharged when plugged into a mains supply. The cars tend to have strong acceleration as the power is consistently available.

Surprisingly electric cars were first used in the 1880’s and were a popular choice of transport into the early 20th century. At this point the gasoline powered car became a viable option for most families and the electric car was regulated to history. A brief resurgence happened in the 1970’s and 1980’s due to the energy crisis of that period.


Hybrid Cars – Past And Future

Cars as a form of private transport have been around for over one hundred years. The model T Ford produced in 1908 is considered to be the first mass produced car. It became very popular with ordinary people as it was affordable to the vast majority of the population. The original cars were powered by gas guzzling engines and had limited speed. As technology improved during the 20th century the speed, performance and style of the automobile changed. By the 1960’s America was churning out muscle cars. Automobiles which were powered by V8’s and could reach speeds of over 100mph. They were heavy on fuel but this was not a concern as fuel was so cheap.


Environmentally Friendly Cars – The Savior Of Society

The alternative powered car; what was once a distant concept is now a production reality. There are probably several on the streets near where you live. Are they really the answer to the limited supply of oil and the growing environmental concerns? To answer this you must first understand the different types of environmentally friendly cars available: […]