UPDATE #2: I Draw Cars, Sketchbook & Reference Guide

Nearly two months ago to the day I posted about this really neat Kickstarter project that I had helped support, and a month ago I gave the first update on its process after being fully funded. Fast-forward to today and voilà, I Draw Cars: Sketchbook & Reference Guide has arrived.

Matt and Adam did a fantastic job creating a beginners guide to sketching cars, which are arguably some of the most difficult things to draw. I Draw Cars is chock full of great information ranging from day 1 ID studio lessons about design terminology and wheelbase proportions to the more advanced tip-up 3/4 perspectives.

All great stuff, but what’s really neat (and something I wish we’d had when I was at CCS) are the perspective guides that follow each section. There are more than enough to get you started creating your very own hot sketches.

Now if only my other Kickstarter contribution would get here…

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