New Mustang Customizer Improves on Perfection.

NYC-based digital shop, Firstborn celebrates Mustang lovers by re-launching their Mustang Customizer for 2012. The completely redesigned flash-based tool lets you build and customize your very own 2012 Mustang. Whether you’re into the V6 rental sweetheart, Shelby GT500, the track-ready BOSS 302, or any model in-between, there’s something for every gearhead to tweak and massage.

Build one to your unique specifications, then challenge a friend via Facebook to claim bragging rights to the ultimate 2012 Mustang.

I built the nice 5.0-based street fighter below:

This environment is the A&W Drive-In in Clawson, MI off of 14 Mile Rd and Main St. Right near my house before moving to NYC.

Think you can do better? Customize your own 2012 Mustang, then post it up in the comments below.

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