Land Rover DC100 Gets Dirty, Finally Shows Off Dat Ass.

Making its real-world debut today at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Land Rover DC100 Concept is developed to preview the next Defender, likely to debut as a 2015 model. We’d previously seen a few views of the DC100’s rugged good looks, but this is the first time we’re seeing its ass. And what a fine ass it is.

The DC100 continues to evolve Land Rover’s four design mantras:

  • Functionality – a fresh approach demonstrated through the harmony of design and capability, as well as modularity and clever features such as flexible seating and novel stowage solutions.
  • Sustainability – with the use of lightweight and recycled materials and also a long-life ethos that ensures engineering as well as design longevity.
  • Premium Durability – achieved through attention to detail, ‘fit for purpose’ design solutions, material choices and engineering integrity.
  • Desirability – born out of the knowledge that these vehicles will deliver an ownership experience beyond all your expectations.

Piss off Evoque, I’ll take this instead.

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